Saturday, October 24, 2015


Paul Ryan as Speaker of the House of Representatives is bad news for liberals like me. He is an avid and radical Ayn Rand disciple. Of course, as most people know, Ayn Rand was a very selfish person to the point that she is uncaring. Like Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, she considers herself a refugee from the extremes of Stalin-style communism. Political scientists see social order as a spectrum ranging from communism to dictatorship. My mother, a very astute person, observed that when you go to the extreme right to end up with the extreme left, meaning Stalin was a dictator no different from Hitler. It is a political circle. Paul Ryan is a dictator driven by selfishness. Liberals see government as a way to prevent social extremes, poverty for example. Bleeding hearts recognize there are people who cannot work for a number of reason ranging from war wounds, through low IQ, to old age. Ayn Rand wrote the bottom line for the radical right, which is the line Paul Ryan dutifully follows, and which is if you cannot afford it, you should not have it. Austerity to Ryan means no more welfare, no more food stamps, no more unemployment insurance, no more public schools, and no subsidized health care. This is what they mean when they say we should get the government out of our lives. Of course, he realizes this is, cruel and unfeeling, so he “generously” softens it by adding, there will be government help for those for re-training. I wonder how he would retrain an 80-year old pipefitter or oil rigger. How would he provide an opportunity to a person with an IQ of 50? You wouldn’t and he wouldn’t. The old Darwinian inspired “survival of the fittest” kicks in; let them starve, who cares. Judging from public pronouncements, there is not one single Republican would be unhappy about. Think about what is important. Think about all the tax money they would save. URL: Comments Invited and not moderated

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