Thursday, October 29, 2015


The GOP debate is over. As expected, it was a couple of hours visit to the proverbial Republican fantasyland. They are going to make America strong again and prove it by fighting a war in the Middle East, in the Far East, and in Russia just as they did in Iraq. They are going to cut taxes for hard working Americans; you earned it so you should be able to keep it. They are going to get rid of the Affordable Care Act that is destroying jobs. They are going to destroy social security by privatizing it. They are going to make the government so small you will not know it is there. They went on and on in their obviously unbalanced world, which is why I called their world a fantasy world. The problem is that we know what happened when the people elected Ronald Reagan and later elected George W. Bush. If they told the truth, Bush was President but the Republican Party was in charge of the executive branch of government. They used the drumbeat of wars and the call to the flag to cut welfare programs but borrowed money to fight that war they started. Then they use the huge national war debt as the reason “we” have to cut welfare even more by ruling out an increase in taxes. Reagan’s contribution was to begin the top down economics program that carries his name as Reaganomics. They all are going to build a huge military, but not one of them mentioned how they are going to pay for it. Of course, the normal way to pay for war is to through increased taxes and to draft young people from across the nation to fight that war. They talked incessantly about fighting wars to show the world small countries cannot push America around, but not one of them mentioned that the American people do not want war, and our volunteer military is too small. They want to destroy subsidized health insurance with not a word about how people will be able to afford medical care. They do not explain how they are going to stop old age poverty without social security. After 30 years of Reaganomics, workers’ wages are stagnant, and all of the money is in the hands of the top 1%. How can works afford pension plans? How can they afford medial care? I heard the candidates all complain about stagnant wages but failed to hear one of them recognize that wages were stagnant because of the Republican policies. Isn’t it a fantasy world to propose using the same programs that caused the problem to solve the problem? By the way, how many times did you hear the word ‘unions’ last night in the debate? Save yourself the trouble and misery of re-listening to the debate because the candidates did not once use that word. The debaters did not mention the expression maintain or rebuild infrastructure, which is why I refer to them as pothole Republicans. I cannot think of one thing I heard last night that would be good for the American people. The worst thing I heard is that they are going to pay for the trillions of dollars of Bush war debt by cutting social programs, which are the programs that make America great. As shocking and unreal as it is, the only thing good thing the American people heard is Republicans will cut taxes and that is a winning strategy; it will mean votes. When people say they are disgusted with American politics I have to agree, I am disgusted, but I am disgusted for a different reason. URL: Comments Invited and not moderated

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