Sunday, October 18, 2015


The situation in Afghanistan presents a challenge to the Obama policy of, “no boots on the ground” in the Middle East. Republican Party spokespersons go apoplectic at every decision our President makes, and the decision to maintain troops in Afghanistan is no different. As is usual, their criticisms they voice often are counter to previous criticisms. One of the major themes is that he is going against his word; therefore, he is a lair. His policy is complex, which is true; it involves more than they can explain on a bumper sticker: therefore, that crowd cannot understand it. His policy is that the Afghanistan people should defend their own government. If a coalition of nations does that, those nations become the enemy and not the radical Taliban, which are at the heart of the problem. Religious fervor enters the picture because the Taliban uses their Islamic ties to justify their radical extremist positions. There is no easier or cheaper way to convince people into killing other people than claiming they are doing it in God or Allah’s name with the promise of heaven as a reward, which has been a theme embedded in the man over the entire history of humankind. The result is that the Taliban immediately makes their drive for power into a Christians, which is us, into a Muslim war, which for them is the definition of a crusade. The president has seen through all of this and aims to direct the Taliban struggle for power as a war between the Afghanistan government and a small faction of Taliban. Of course, the Taliban claim allegiance to ISIS, which is a widespread and radical religious group whose objective is to spread the unrest across the entire Middle East. ISIS wants to establish as a ruling Caliphate as the power in that entire region. The Obama policy is clearly to limit the conflicts as separate conflicts by avoiding putting “boot on the ground” to serve as the focus of hate, which would as I just explained have a uniting effect on the individual radical groups. We all know about the Pentagons failed attempt to train fighting men. The reference here is to my October 16 blog post on, firetreepub.blogspot. com, “Why our military training has failed”. The president has to combat both this failure along and the lack of Afghanistan peoples’ nationalism. Now he has to combat the radical elements of the Republican Party in this country, namely the Freedom Coalition. Of course, the aim of the Freedom Coalition does not have anything to do with the Middle East; all they want is to hurt the President. In my eyes, this makes them as despicable as the Taliban. By avoiding the publicity associated with sending additional troops and by cleaning up the mess made by the Pentagon with training fighters, he will redirect the fighting in Afghanistan to their government fighting the radical Taliban. His decision to maintain the troop in that country is a phase of his long-standing policy of no boots on the ground. The objective is let the Muslims fight among themselves over the good old lust for power while biasing the outcome in favor of a good government in not only that country but all countries in the Middle East. In case you forgot that is the objective of the Arab spring. URL: Comments Invited and not moderated

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