Tuesday, October 27, 2015


The situation in the Middle East is confusing. As I was reading news reports, it became obvious to me that reporters were using the confusion to generate stories to fill their need for 24-hour news programs and pages of new print. I came to this conclusion because instead of trying to simplify what is happening they were making the situation more confusing. For example, the situation with the Kurds fighting ISIS is not just a matter of an ethnic group fighting against what we consider our enemy. The news stories feed on the old adage, “the enemy of our enemy is our friend”. On this simplistic basis, the news stories direct public opinion to favor doing what warmonger, John McCain, wants, which is 100% in favor of supplying essentially unlimited arms and ammunition to the Kurds. The truth is that the Kurds are an ethnic group that straddles geopolitical lines that define the sovereign states of Syria and Turkey. The Kurds want to establish a country based on their religion. In other words, they want to take part of Turkey and part of Syria to form their own country. Strangely enough under the title, Paris 1919: Six Months That Changed the World, (2002) written by McMillan, Holbrooke, and Hampton explained how and why the region is such a geopolitical mess. In a book about the peace conference held that year that had as it objective consideration of Woodrow Wilson proposal to end all war, the authors gave one of the best historical summaries of the region I have read. In essence, the European powers in control of those areas drew sovereign boundaries at will. They ignored ethnic and political groups in favor of rivers and straight lines, especially in Palestinian region. By arming the Kurds, we make enemies of Syria and of Turkey, both of whom are actively fighting against the Kurds because of their territorial aspirations. The conservative warmongers in the United States want war in the Middle East for a reason that centers on the current leadership in Israel, who has an interest in generating hate for Palestinians. In Syria, President Assad is fighting to retain power by suppression of peoples’ rights. This is nothing new in as much as minority dictator all operates by brutal suppression. Assad has ISIS fighting against him and has the suppressed people of Syria fighting against him as well as the Kurds who want some of his territories. Of course, the radical splinter group called ISIS wants to establish a dictatorship including all of the Middle East to establish an Islamic State, which is counter to the regionwide Arab Spring movement toward democracy. ISIS wants what McCain wants, which is an all out war of all Christians against all Muslims. Chest pounding Mc Cain and people like him are like the classic dog chasing the car. They have no idea of what they would do with it once the catch it. The answer is to contain the mess to the Middle East. Turkey is a buffer to the North in accomplishing that goal just as Egypt is a buffer to the East. Because the warring factions in the region are people who seem obligates to fight someone for something, the best way to do this is to cause them to fight one another. The situation cycles back to the innate sense that the enemy of my enemy is my friend. These are small groups. The only thing uniting them is their hate for something. The only people who will unite McCain supporters are common enemies, and what they are doing is looking for enemies, only in this case, it is the entire Muslim world. Let’s not help them do that in spite of the media; think for yourself. URL: firetreepub.blogspot.com Comments Invited and not moderated

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