Saturday, October 10, 2015


The radical politcs of North Carolina Congressional Representative Mark Meadows makes me ashamed to be from North Carolina. Nonetheless, as he swore to do, he faithfully represents his district, which is the 11th district is the most western district in the states but he does not represent all the people. His district is a beautiful mountainous area, over half of it being rural. However, the truth is that he and his district represent the ugly price we pay for having a Republican controlled state government; Senate, House of Representative, and governor. The sad story does not stop there; it also tells the story of why we have a Republican controlled United States House of Representatives. A quick look at the district map on Wikipedia tells the ugly part of the story of redistricting by this government and his election in 2013. ('s_11th_congressional) The map is truly bazaar with and obvious tennis racket shaped hole right in the center of the district. Asheville, a city of 83, 393 people is the 11th largest city in North Carolina, and our government has excluded that city from the district by gerrymandering. What they excluded was the home of the University of North Carolina Ashville with about 3,700 undergraduate students and about 330 full- and part-time faculty members. With all of the people in the district voting, it was a Democratic district before gerrymandering but has now elected the radical right wing Republican Meadows. He is the recognized leader of what the minority group the media calls the extreme right-wing caucus, the Tea Party, or the Freedom Caucus of the United States House of Representatives. He is the proud leader of the small group that has caused our government to be in chaos. He can be radical because he is in a safe district. He is in a safe district because he does not represent a cross section of the American people, a cross section of the 11th district, or of North Carolina. Before redistricting, the 2013 census bureau reports the families in his district have a medium income of $34,720 compared to a medium of $45,906 for the state as a whole. In terms of ethnicity, the population was 91.2% white with 4.6% black compared to the state as a whole with a total of 21.6% African American. North Carolina is a state that constantly elected the overt racist Jesse Helms to the Senate. The students and faculty of the University of North Carolina Ashville represent about 4 % of the district pollution. There are not data on percentages of numbers of voters in the district versus percentage of voters on the campus. However, we can assume the percentage of students and faculty members who would vote is by far higher than the general population. Like voter ID, the whole idea of redistricting is to bias elections. Gerrymandering is done to prevent honest representation, and the North Carolina government hit its mark in the 11th congressional district. Add this to voter ID and party control of election commissions, assures perpetual Republican control of the government. They have elected two of the most radical senators in the country by the names of Thom Tillis and Richard Burr. They even voted against approving the appointment of the attorney general who originated in North Carolina because she was black. My state has now contributed more to the dysfunction of the entire United States government by-election this Mark Meadows. I feel I have good reason to be ashamed of my state. URL: Comments Invited and not moderated

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