Thursday, October 1, 2015


Vladimir Putin, Prime Minster of Russia and Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel joins hands in condemning the United States in the Middle East but they do so for entirely different reasons but has one far-reaching effect in American politics. These two evil doers have a common goal, which is to gain power over people, which they have, no business dominating. The Middle East is a hotbed of discontent because of religiously inspired sect dominance within the Muslim community. The United States is fighting to maintain hegemony over the entire area in the interest of lofty goal of world peace. Russia wants to displace us as the major military influence in the area, which is the old out dated Kissinger forte of power politick. Might is right. President Obama has been able to manipulate the situation to cause the Muslim sects to fight each other and thus avoid the massive Christian fighting Muslims, which has been the curse of religions since the beginning of humankind. Out President has caused a coalition of Sunni countries to form to oppose a group of Shia countries. Admittedly, these coalitions are tenuous. The recent nuclear disarmament treaty with Iran is a stroke of a genus in as much as it created a balance between the Muslim sects. Over the long term, by preventing one group from being obviously more powerful than the other because of a nuclear weapon will prevent a major confrontation between the two groups of countries. I am sure that Netanyahu sees this as an opportunity to use the area strife to his advantage, which relaters to his and his political faction’s greed for more land and power. In light of the influence he has with the Jewish community in America through his propaganda network, it is a highly significant move. When he joins Russia in condemning the Untied States, it is time for good people to take note. He joined the cabal of Russia, Zionists, and the extreme right wing of the Republican Party, that wing of the party, which they base solely on their hate for all the success of the Obama administration. They clearly focused their hate on President Obama and his family as we see on Facebook; they say they I hate Obama but never give a reason because they don’t have one. The hate Obama group is composed of a minority of one issue voters, but when added to the other one issue idiots such as anti-abortion; against same-sex marriage; always want to bomb someone; guns, guns, and more guns; etc. I put Vladimir Putin, Prime Minster of Russia, Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister, and the extreme right wing Republican Party in the same basket. They are the bottom of humankind. URL: Comments Invited and not moderated

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