Friday, October 2, 2015


We have another mass shooting. This time, it happened in Oregon. The great majority of people in the United States want gun control. In fact, judging from laws around the world, the vast majority of people in the entire world want gun control. The big question is why don’t we have gun control? The answer to that question is the same as the answer to the questions of why do we have taxpayer subsidies to oil companies and big farmers but can not afford food stamps, why don’t we do something about climate change, mental health, and veterans who need help but can not afford to help them. We still have a huge nuclear-powered aircraft carrier named Ronald Reagan. Why do we have trillions of dollars of debt yet no one wants to pay taxes to pay the debt? By the way, the debt was because of a war fought in Iraq by a volunteer army and we fought it with money borrowed from Chinas. How could that be? It makes no sense. The truth is, it makes no sense to a great majority of people but makes a lot of sense to not only a few rich people but also makes sense to every man, woman and child on the street. Yes. That last statement is not due to a type. It makes sense to everyone because you are not willing to step up and pay for government. In the past, I have always blamed people for not voting. The truth is that the reason is that people vote, but they vote according to their innate greed. People vote according to their narrow interest, which centers on their take home pay. We understand that nine dead and nine wounded in Oregon is nothing when compared to the gun industry making a few dollars, which is the same as the military industrial complex building aircraft carriers that cost millions and billions. That may upset you but how is that different from you voting against any politician who says they will raise taxes to pay for government. The difference is that the greed is someone else’s sin. Think of how clever Thom Tillis and Phil Berger were in North Carolina when they were leading state government. They campaigned on lowering income taxes and bringing jobs to the state. When the smoke settled, the working person pays more taxes, and the tax money goes to corporations as tax benefits. The state collects huge amounts of taxes from every dollar a worker’s spends as sales tax. Of course, workers have to spend every dollar to live. They are quick to tell you they upheld their promise! Payroll income taxes went down, and industries are moving into the state. Does anyone believe workers are paying less total taxes? Does anyone believe that we are better off as a right o work state? We know productivity is increasing, and wages are going down or staying the same, but that does not matter. It does not matter that your style of living is going down. It does not matter that you lost your job and are now working two menial level part time jobs. It does not matter that you cannot afford to go to college and even if you did there are no jobs for you. Look out on the street; entrepreneurs are forming companies that mow lawns and rake yards, or clean floors in supermarkets. Good jobs are cashiers or stacking clerks in stores. What matters is that your greed is satisfied; you “think” you pay fewer taxes than you paid before. Think about this the next time you read about a mass killing; we do not have gun control so you can take home a few dollars—only to pay sales tax on every dollar you spend on you need for your family. URL: Comments Invited and not moderated

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