Friday, October 30, 2015


A political rebellion has grown out of the disastrous CNBC debate. The RNC and the presidential candidates are not in harmony with one another and both are out of coordination with the broadcast media. The biggest problem is the people are out of synchrony with all three. The most obvious thing was the unhappiness with the question asked during the debate. The moderators were clearly attempting to create good theater; what could be better theater than a bar room type brawl between candidates. For the candidates, each wanted to be center stage and be able to spout their nonsense in a way that would make them shine. Eleven candidates on stage at one time would not allow even a minimum amount of time in just two hours, yet the candidates who where had a reputation for belligerency and consequently asked the most questions felt three hours were too much time. The RNC wanted to play a central role in the debate but Trump and Carson, who sidetracked them and negotiated the three-hour debate down to two hours, upstaged the entire Republican Party. Trump could not resist bragging about dominating the RNC in that regard that in during the debate, which up set Reince Priebus to the point of apoplexy. I cannot wait until the next shoe drops. URL: Comments Invited and not moderated

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