Tuesday, October 6, 2015


The terrible state of politics in the United States should concern everyone. Of coursed, as a liberal, the Republican Party is at the center of my concerns. Nevertheless, the Congressional leadership affronted everyone in the country by swearing to do everything possible to cause the newly elected president to fail. What was surprising is that it worked. The people elected a Republican majority in Congress and state governments as well. It is a bit disingenuous to think that the people voted for Republicans because the United States Congress did nothing and prevented the President from doing anything as well. Their inaction is true, but it is also true that they used the power of the majority to corrupt the electoral system, which is especially true in the individual states. However, they are still corrupting the system at the federal level in a very dishonest way. The big money people are filling their media; they own the media monopolies, with stories of how they are going to force the President to veto bad legislation. We should examine what this means. They insert a very undesirable section into critical legislation. The insert is usually about something that has nothing to do with the main purpose of the legislation. For example, a bill to fund the military contains an unexpected insert about abortion. Of course, the president will and should veto it. In their minds, it makes the president bad for not passing the needed funding. Their nefariousness comes full circle when they use the power of “their” media to condemn the president for not signing “their” legislation; of course, without mentioning the insert. The tragedy is it seems you the voter buy it, to use and old trope, “hook line and sinker”. It is even worse in the states. I live in North Carolina, which is one of the worst of the worst. Some might say that Kansas deserves that title. I would counter that argument by saying Kansas is a red state and as such, they deserve it. By the way, Kansas is the home of the Koch Brothers. It matters that North Carolina is the home of the infamous Jessie Helms. The old white man Cabal serves as the radical element or swing vote in the Republican Party. They have control of both houses of the legislature and the governorship. There is nothing in North Carolina that the Republican government has not corrupted or at least attempted to corrupt. Our public schools are plunging to the bottom of all school in the nation. My grandchildren and their parents are fighting to pay for their college education, but the tuition is skyrocketing because the legislature is not supporting the universities. The universities administrators pressure professors to support themselves with grants to do patentable research rather than teach. The Republicans in control to every electoral board in the states is preventing minority votes with voter ID laws and making it difficult for college students to vote. The state Department of Commence is in control of a corporation run by the people who elected the Governor. The Governor is an employee of Duke Energy, the worst environmental contaminator in the state. Fossil fuel companies drill for oil and frack for natural gas with impunity even though there is very little natural gas. Also, the State Legislature is passing nonsense laws. We will soon have a law that says no one can sell body parts. In North Carolina, it is unlawful to use Sharia law as if the United States Constitution has not meaning. In other words, the people set back and watch all of this deterioration of our political system as if it is not happening, in fact, they do not even talk about it. URL: firetreepub.blogspot.com Comments Invited and not moderated

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