Tuesday, October 13, 2015


I watched CNN program New Day this morning. What a shock. I could not believe the unabashed right-wing bias displayed by the hosts. Every other word was an attempt to bash President Obama or one of the democratic candidates who will be on the stage tonight, especially Hillary Clinton. The comment such as “Clinton is untrustworthy” was repeated dozens of times and the hosts made constant reference to Obama’s failed foreign policy. The truth is that only on right-wing news do we hear that the Benghazi committee proved that she is untrustworthy. We all know President Obama’s foreign policy has reestablished the United States as a nation that can be trusted and not feared and he kept us out of war not to mention that he dug us out of the terrible Bush debt while the Republican controlled Congress tried to prevent him from doing so. The entire CNN program was disgusting. Alisyn Camerota brought all of her Fox News hate with her. What is more telling of what is really taking place is that “New Day” co-host, Chris Cuomo is from a Democratic family but has sold out to CNN. Money can buy political loyalty. They both practice the Fox News routine, which is to avoid talking about policy and focus on personal attacks of Democrats. The obvious reason is that Republican Policies are all-bad and the great majority of the people would not support them if they knew what they were. The bottom line is that CNN has joined FOX News and MSNBC in becoming radical right-wing organizations. The impact of Citizen United money is abundantly clear. I expect it is responsible for the shift seen in Chuck Todd. Chuck Todd, a star of MSNBC, who on the past has cleverly manipulated all news to favor Republican causes but lately, has become a lot more open about his right wing tilt. He would only do this with station owner approval or perhaps with owner’s orders. The working people in our country are going to suffer from this bad ruling of the Robert’s Court. One court, one ruling, and they bring down the great country. URL: firetreepub.blogspot.com Comments Invited and not moderated

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