Friday, October 23, 2015


I thought the Benghazi hearings were over. It consisted of 10 hours of grilling of one witness. There never was a clearer display of why we have government dysfunction than that hearing. Seven republican congressional representatives disgraced themselves, not once, not twice but over and over again for hours on end. I could not believe what greeted me when I turned on CNN this morning; the commentators were continuing the hearing. Of course, right wing owners control the media. They do this by hiring radical right wing hosts who, in turn, invite radical right wing guests. By the way, they lie about that as well as everything else, as is typical of them, for years they claimed the left controls the media. This morning, Carol Costello’s guest on CNN News Room, was Representative. Mike Pompeo Kansas 4th district. His quote, which should be come famous, is as follows, “Four Americans were killed in Benghazi – that's what matters. We'll continue our work until we accomplish our mission to obtain the truth.” What is clear he views his work is to destroy Hillary Clinton. In other words, he is admitting he failed in the hearings but he is not going to give up. He wants someone fired for something. He don’t know for what or who, he just wants to be tough and fire someone. Isn’t that the Republican way? Isn’t that like Mitt Romney saying he likes to fire people. How about Trump’s famous patented saying, “Your fired”. Didn’t Ronald Reagan famously fire air-traffic controllers and jeopardize air traffic for many years to come. In fact, we still have over worked controllers sleeping in control towers. The truth about Benghazi is an anti American riot broke-out and four Americans were killed. Those directly responsible are the rioters. Pompeo’s hunt is like a witch hunt and he has chosen Clinton as his witch. The rioters were possessed by the devil because Hillary willed it so. As they did in Salam in 1692, he wants to hold her head underwater for 15 minutes and if she drowns, she is innocent. Actually I think they hanged the witches even without an 11-hour trial. URL: Comments Invited and not moderated

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