Saturday, October 17, 2015


In keeping with my objective in writing these blog posts, I hope to avoid “bumper sticker” rhetoric and logic and enlighten from a liberal point of view. Sometimes this leads to an explanation becoming complex and a little difficult to understand. This is one of those times. If it is more than you can cope with or seems especially silly or full of nonsense, simply stop reading. Texas Congressman Blake Farenthold (R-TX-27), a member of what he refers to as the “the Freedom Coalition,” was interviewed by Republican Chuck Todd on TV. What he revealed during the interview was disturbing at a very fundamental level. Perhaps because Todd is a known as a closet right wing radical was doing the interview, Farenthold was more revealing about his beliefs than he normally is. Regardless, what he said should be scary to the American people. He carefully explained that he is a member of the Tea Party but also a member of the Freedom Coalition. In spite of claiming membership, he went on to say the names of the members of the Freedom Coalitions are secret. Also, he went on to explain that the Freedom Coalition is a group of individual elected Representatives, within the House of Representatives, whose aim is to put America on the path they think, is the right path. That is what is so disturbing to me, and it is what I see as what wrong with American government. Let me explain. This group of representatives who have individually named himself or herself the Freedom Coalition, estimated to be around 40, is a group formed of people elected by the American people, mainly from the South and especially Texas, to represent a radical idea. In other words, they are a small group of like-minded individuals. The idea in the Constitution is to elect representatives of all of the people to one large deliberative body to decide what the people of this nation collectively want. The founding fathers expected that body to select a leader from among those elected by “we the people”. That person, the Speaker, would be third in line to the President. At a fundamental level, this is simple social order based on innate hierarchy dominance. It is characteristic of all organizations ranging in size from two friends to families, to nations, and finally to United Nations. The next step in understanding is something that has been happening lately, which is the deliberate move to interpret the meaning of words in the constitution to the advantage of the right wing, much as they do with the second amendment and gun ownership. This time, it has to do to with the leadership of the United States House of Representatives. The constitution does not specifically say the leader has to be an elected member of that body; however, normal logic implies that would be the case, therefore, is clearly what the Founding Fathers intended. The nature of the Constitution is that the authors avoided listing specifics, in this case, a list of who cannot be leaders of the House of Representatives. For example, we intuitive know who the ineligible would be for a host of reason. The list would include Justices of the Supreme Court, President of the Senate, or the President of the United States for that matter. Certainly, that list would exclude the Chair of the Democratic or Republican Parties. Which makes my point, Texas Congressman Blake Farenthold (R-TX-27) is demanding that the chairperson of the semisecret Freedom Coalition, who represent a radical element or subfraction of society, become Speaker of the House of Representatives, and that would be in violation of the premise on which the Founding Fathers grounded this great country. URL: Comments Invited and not moderated

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