Monday, September 14, 2015


I heard something on TV that shows how misguided the GOP is. Reince Priebus, the 43-year-old chairman of the national Republican Party, made the blanket statement that he was worried the presidential candidates would say something that would damage the reputation of his party. Like all the rest of us, he knows that they are saying things to appeal to the radicals and one-issue candidates to gather votes. No one agrees with everything the candidates say, which is to be expected. However, few stop and think that a small group agrees with what they say while members of that group fail to hear the rest of what they say, which is what one-issue voters do. They say things that are extreme to draw an attention to the most radical elements within the small target group. These extreme things are repealing to most people even those in the other radical groups. For example, people who would kill to prevent abortions are appalled when others use the “N” word. Against this background, and perhaps because of it, there is a strong undercurrent in the Republican Party controlled by a handful of men; yes, I used the politically incorrect term, “men’. It may surprise you to learn that there are less than a dozen of them, all men. First, they are billionaires, second they are greedier than most other billionaires are, and thirdly, they are interested in even more power than their money gives them. There are very rich people who contribute to political campaigns but do this on a political philosophy basis and not on behalf of their selfish interest. This is a big difference, which obscures the fact the Republicans Party, in addition to being the party of radicals, is also the party of the rich and these few nefarious individuals bury themselves in the crowd. Collectively, they claim to want to “take the country back” and to do this they say they want to destroy government, that takes the government out of the hands of the people and put it into the hands so the rich and famous. In a democracy, isn’t that an oxymoron? It is obvious that the Republican Party leaders are the rich and famous; thus they are saying give us even more power than we already have. We all know that every election a few rich men buy enough voters in one more small district to elect one more radical right-wing candidate at a time or to enact one more piece of destructive legislation at a time. They are destroying public schools. They are making prisons private profit-making institutions. They are outlawing unions. They are re-installing segregation. They are suppressing voter’s rights. Everyone is running around with guns. The rich are not paying taxes. Slowly, voters have taken control of the government out of their hands and put it in the hands of Koch Brothers and the few others like them. Does any rational person think Sheldon Adelson is interested in good government? You may say this is scaremongering or not true however look around. Almost everyone knows government is not doing its job because of these things I just listed and many more and they agree that Congress is responsible. They know Republicans have majority control of both houses of government and the Supreme Court. Everyone knows the rich are getting richer, and the poor are getting poorer, which is income disparity. They know trickle down economics does not work, yet Congress is naming airports and many other things after the Republican president who put our government on this road to failure. URL: Comments Invited and not moderated

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