Friday, September 11, 2015

TWO HISTORIC DAYS; 9/10 & 9/11

Few are willing to connect this horrible day 14 years ago with yesterday when the glorious Iran nuclear limitations treaty approval by Congress. I see a direct line between the two that becomes even clearer when we extend our thinking back to Papa George Bush and his war Iraq. Osama bin Laden attacked and beat the hell out of them. In the minds of the right wing warmongers, “We proved without question that our might makes us right.” We want their oil. We wanted to be dominant in the Middle East. We wanted to protect Israel. We want economic dominance (hegemony) over England, Germany, but especially Russia. Yes, there is a direct line but that does not mean it is a simple single line. If fact, it is extremely complicated, convoluted line. The quest for oil turned out not to be the windfall most energy companies thought. However, the most unexpected twist in that line turned out to be Israel. A majority vote in the United Nations to partition Palestine proved the world approved the creation of Israel as a Jewish dominated sovereign country completely free of the fear of pogrom; and, so it was. Nevertheless, years of strife in the region followed that eventually led to the creation of an extreme right-wing party in Israel, the Likud Party, equal to the extreme right wing in the United States. The strife evolved to a Zionist versus Islamist. The focus was over Palestine versus Israel; A massive influx of immigrates forced a drive for more land. Israel was no longer a Vatican-like religion sanctuary but a physicals sanctuary for all the Jews in the world. With the aid of tremendous amounts of Jewish propaganda money, the strife evolved to Zionists plus Christianity, which, of course, meant the Western world versus Islamists. George W. and his saber rattling advisors sharpened this divide by the Iraqi war, which eventually resulted in the horror of 9/11. The turmoil surrounding Palestine eventually expanded or evolved into Saudi Arabia becoming the center of one Islamic sect versus Iran, who formed the center of another sect. Of course, Muslims had these sects historically ingrained before the current strife. Added to this was another significant change in Israel with the election of radical Benjamin Netanyahu as the voice of Israel. On the back of the propaganda machine, he allied himself with the radical elements of the Republican Party in the United States or they added him to their cause. All of this set the stage for a multifactor war of words with one of the most powerful efforts being toward maintaining Israel with the blessing of a major political party in the U.S. as the only nuclear, thus dominate power in the Middle East without allowing the Arabs to expand their nuclear capability. It would take a diplomatic genius to solve the tangled dilemma. Not only would that genius, whoever it had to be in a position of power. How could someone overcome all the Jewish equivalent of Hitler-like ethnic hate aimed at “all” Arabs and Arabs aiming all of their hate at Jews at the same time overcome the voter seeking Republican Party? How could anyone divide and redirect the sectarian hate to have one sect help to prevent one sect from developing a nuclear bomb? How could Israeli be sovereignty be guaranteed at the same time making Israel the diplomatic equivalent of their neighbors? How could that genius wean Israel from its dependence on the Untied States in spite of a major political party opposing it? I am here to tell you on September 10, 20015, 14 years minus one day after September 11 President Obama did all of that with the Iran Non-proliferation Treaty. When Congress failed to rip the treaty apart, President Obama will stand forever as a champion of world peace. URL: Comments Invited and not moderated

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