Saturday, September 19, 2015


Someone made a significant comment on Facebook about the massive exodus of people from Syria. The comment made me think about our position in the world. What the person said was that when we had problems in our country we stayed and fought it out meaning the War of Independence and the Civil War the. He asked the question, “Why don’t the Syrians do the same thing?” We have spent millions of dollars in an attempt to train them as soldiers so they could fight for their rights and have failed miserably. We have attempted to help them form a government they could live with by finding support for those among them who would be loyal to the idea of independence from religious authority that is sweeping the Middle East under the title of ‘Arab Spring”. We vigorously supported that idea because the rebels proposed to build their government on the fundamental principle of “freedom to worship as they please”, which is the central principle of western democracy. Nothing worked. We see them refusing to go to Saudi Arabia, apparently because of differences in religious sects; however, it could be because they want to live a better life, and they do not see another Muslim country as offering that option. The success of the Western governments is obvious to all who are to look. Among the things, we in the west do, is offering a haven for those who find themselves in dire circumstances. As an American, I am proud of that. If I have gotten your attention, let me ask you, “Has Donald Trump and the other Republicans done with immigration demonstrated America values? Can we condemn the countries on the Mediterranean Sea for marking their border with razor wire when we have a political party who wants to do the same thing? Should we extend a hand to Syrians but tell the Mexicans and South Americans to go to hell. Does the acuteness of their crisis in Syria make their situation that different for the Latinos? Is the Zionist hate filled propaganda causing us to look at these people differently from others because they are Muslims? I see that hate expressed everyday on Facebook by both Americans and Canadians in the form of “band the burkas”. Is the number of people involved that different? The truth is that the Syrian crisis is a worldwide problem, and we should respond with that in mind. Especially we should respond because they are people just people like you and me. URL: Comments Invited and not moderated

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