Friday, September 25, 2015


The Pope addressed the United Nations’ General Assembly. Like his speech to Congress, it was a remarkable speech, which I took to have a deeper meaning than simple words would imply. For example, one of the most significant phases was when he described the United Nations as an organization of nations that now gathers together by trust and hope and not by fear. He did not add that under past administrations and the diplomacy of realpolitik politics, that is might is right, nations united for protection, which means out of fear. When Republicans say they want a strong foreign policy and a gigantic military, this is what they want. This what Charles Krauthammer was so carefully outlined in his book, Things that Matter; the best way to do business is to have you (the United States) as their only option as a customer. If you care to dig into to it, you will find that is why they hate President Obama’s foreign policy built on trust. The Untied Nations, for the first time in 70 years, now stands as an organization based on trust and not fears. That is remarkable and was the prescient promise of the First Nobel Prize committee many disparaged. My biggest fear is that citizen united money will cause the people to vote in as president a greedy driven Republican who will destroy that hope and dream. Other events of the day suggest the vicious and radical right wing of the Republican Party has gained power in congress. That party is no longer a party of conservatives; it is a party of royalists with a number of working people voting for their own demise by voting for them. Big money told them to vote that way during beer commercials shown at sporting events and they obediently do what they are told. Que sera, sera. URL: Comments Invited and not moderated

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