Sunday, September 27, 2015


The contrast between the two speakers that Boehner invited to speak before Congress is remarkable. Of course, one was a political leader and the other a religious leader. The only commonality was they both hoped to have a wide influence on people who listened which were our elected leaders. Pope Francis was preaching love and charity and poop Netanyahu was preaching hate. When I compare the number of people who are spreading the words of each, I find that those spreading words of Netanyahu are confined to a narrow band of hate mongers perhaps stimulated by Zionist hate for Palestinians, burkas, and Islam and extreme conservatives so wrapped up in their greed that they totally lack compassion for anything or anyone. People should reread the conservative press, I don not mean the usual new media own by conservatives but the truly right wing conservative press. It never ceases to amaze me at the depth of ignorance in what they write. What I am starting to realize is that a certain element of the radical right uses FACEBOOK to put their garbage in front of a segment of people who otherwise would never read what they bury in their “news”. People will have to start to realize that FACEBOOK should not be a portal for radical politics just as they realize that FACEBOOK should not be for vulgar language and pornography. Some may think my politics is radical left wing; however, of the several thousand articles I have written and posted, I defy anyone to point out something I have said that I have not accompanied with a logical argument for my saying it. I sometimes point this out by mocking those who say Obama is a bad President, yet they are unable to point out one single reason for them saying what they said. As I mentioned, I listened to both Netanyahu and Pope Francis, who want to influence people. Liberal Pope Frances wants people to do away with hate and for people to love everyone and Netanyahu wants to use hate with a conservative objective; he wants everyone to love Israel. Question for my readers; are you starting to understand the difference between a liberal and a conservative. URL: Comments Invited and not moderated

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