Sunday, September 13, 2015


Saturday, April 18, 2015 ONLY UNIONS CAN SAVE DEMOCRACY Over 90% of people in the United States feel there is too much money in politics. In addition, we can pinpoint why; it clearly centers on the Supreme Courts decision to turn money into words. Of course, even prior to that decision, political operatives have manipulated and otherwise corrupted the our system of government to allow big money contributions directly by lobbyists and other maneuvers such as the now 501(c)(4) and 501(c)(6) categories made so infamous by Karl Rove. Justice Alito is the poster child of the decision. However, it took five justices to make the horrible decision that is well on the way to destroying our democracy. The fix is easy; Congress could pass an amendment and 2/3rds of the States could ratify it thus amending the constitution and override the Supreme Court Decision. In addition, the Supreme Court could overturn their decision but they obviously will not admit they were wrong. Am I talking hyperbole when I say that it is a decision that is destroying our democracy? Ask yourself, if it is so easy to do what 90 % of the people want to do and amend the constitution why don’t they do it. If our representatives in Congress represented the people, they would but they don’t represent the people; they represent a very small group of very rich people. Because they do not represent the people is why the Senate does not impeach Supreme Court Judges for doing what the few rich people want. Nobody wants a second amendment solution. First, the right to own guns is a result of a misreading of the Constitution by judges in the same court system, the Federal Courts, that gave us Citizens United, but more important absolutely nobody wants violence. There will never be a French Revolution-style uprising where people sharpen the blades of guillotines and heads roll. Instead of guillotines, we need the entire social structure. The biggest is the voting box, which is an uphill climb. Look at what happened in Wisconsin when the people tried to recall an openly corrupt Governor. People including massive numbers of union workers filled the streets for months on end, yet Scott Walker won at the ballot box. The Koch brothers’ money bought the people. For example after the election, I heard union workers say they voted for Walker because they thought it was unfair to try to recall him. They parroted what they repeatedly heard every hour on every station and read in every newspaper for days. To believe to recall a bad Governor is unfair is unbelievable; well-paid talking heads on TV and radio convinced enough union workers into voting to support the man who took away their unions freedom to bargain collectively. In addition, The only argument I have heard in support of Citizens United decision is industrialists needed it to counter unions giving massive amounts of money to certain candidates. Check out Congress; after what I just wrote about recalling Scott Walker or overturning Citizens United, do you think Unions have a majority in that body? “We the people” means much in America, and I am here to remind you that unions are “We the people” in contrast to me, me, and me in boardrooms around the country. URL: Comments Invited and not moderated

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