Friday, September 18, 2015


The Nation Reporter published this piece: “The Norwegian Nobel Committee, based in Oslo Norway, announced yesterday the name of their laureate for the 2015 Nobel Prize for Peace. President Barack Hussain [sec] Obama is their selection for this year’s [sec] prestigious award. With the Nobel Institutes selection, President Obama becomes the third man ever to win a Nobel Prize more than one time. He joins legendary physicist John Bardeen and brilliant chemist Fredrick Sanger, who were each awarded two Nobels [sec] in their respective fields.” In addition to some sloppy editing, a friend pointed out that actually, there have been three others who have won two Noble Prizes, the third one being Linus Pauling. However, both my friend and I agree it is a well-deserved award for the greatest president we have ever had. The amazing thing is the incessant barrage of disparaging remarks and slurs concerning his administration. The number and intensity of the slurs seem inversely proportional to his accomplishments, which mean they are astronomical as proven in the recent Republican debates. Also notable, is the relationship of the number and intensity of the slurs to the significance of his accomplishment. He has contained the Middle East problem and put Israel in perspective in a way that ensures lasting world peace by putting religious war perspective. Islamic sect is fighting Islamic sect, and Islam is not fighting Christianity, as would be the case if we attacked either one. He has gotten rid of poisonous gas in Syria without dropping a single bomb. He has solved the Bush economic failure and has put the Untied States on the track to be a leader in the world of human rights. That has still to happen yet, but we are on the way. Almost ever slur is somehow aimed at “his failure in the Middle East” or the sluggish economy or that America is not feared. My point is simple; the world does not fear America; America is not feared is respected. I would think President Obama should have the greatest of prizes, which would be the respect of every American. I would hope those who disparage him would salvage their reputations by recognizing this; unless you think those 14 clowns on the stage in the debate have a reputation worth salvaging. URL: Comments Invited and not moderated

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