Saturday, September 26, 2015


Political analysts are saying there are 25 to as many as 40 members of the United States House of Representatives who from a power group. The structure of that government body is such that this group can control the entire 435-member organization. Said another way only 6 to 9% can dictate what the entire budget of the Untied States will be. With this small number, it is possible because of the influence political parties have in our Congress for them to block the function of government. If we consider the Hastert rule, which Republicans follow but Democrats do not, says that unless a majority of the ruling party agrees, an elected member cannot present a piece of legislation for a vote. The recent Supreme Court ruling referred to as Citizen United corporations can corrupt government with money. Theoretically, the people of this country could overturn that ruling through an action of the House of Representatives. However, not one Republican would present such legislation, but even if they did, the above-mentioned cabal of radicals would prevent its enactment. The point of this post is that the Koch brothers and a few other rich families created that cabal of radicals, who want to destroy our democracy. It has taken them 239 years of hard work, but they have finally won. Your petty jealousies, rich mega church leaders, and personal inborn greed have allowed political operatives to drag you around by the nose. Men like Karl Rove, for example, will do anything to win an election without thinking of the consequences. He worked very hard, for big money, to establish a perpetual Republican majority perhaps not realizing that it would result in what has happened to our democracy. A big share of you was more interested in “Bud Lite” or soap operas than you were in politics. Did you know it is football season and that the new speaker of the House of Representative, if it is Kevin McCarthy, has only passed two pieces of legislation in seven years, both were to name existing buildings? He did own a delicatessen, but I don’t think he made sausage. There is something about being rich and being a libertarian that applies here. First being a libertarian means the laws applies to everyone else but do not apply to him or her. The second thing is that even if the laws apply, they can afford to buy their way out of any difficulty. We have to shake our heads at climate change deniers, for example. When they can no longer breathe on this earth, where do they go? I suggest they go to where the road they put us on takes them, straight to hell. URL: Comments Invited and not moderated

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