Wednesday, September 30, 2015


The message we read about in the media is clear. First, the majority of people in dislike Congress. Second, a firm majority of the same people believe the country is on the wrong track. Logically and correctly, in most organization, we blame the leader when any organization is failing. Therefore, President Obama is at fault for the direction the country is taking. It all sounds logical and factual, but it is not. I remember a football player who caught he ball and ran the wrong way for a touchdown. The rich in this country are asking you to be that football player. The founding fathers created a government of the people. That is they created a socialistic government, a government with the people in charge. For over 239 years, people have been trying to figure out how to get the power that is more power that is power for themselves and their group, including the President. The framers of the Constitution knew this and built in the famous system of checks and balances to counter this tendency. Each of the three branches of government has a check on the other branches. As it turns out, what the created was good but not perfect. The error appears to have been in the way they formulated the Supreme Court. Apparently, the system they created relates to their perception of justice. Our system of jurisprudence relies heavily on the integrity of judges. The check is simple and honest, the president appoints justices, and Congress approves of their judicial nominations. It is a rigorous and onerous process. What went wrong is obvious. The president and Congress, rather than serve as a check on one another, served as collaborators under the influence of money. The Koch brothers and other rich individuals, with the aid of several presidents including President George W. Bush, undermined the system. People have written multiple books about the nefarious doings of various parties involved in the Citizens United Supreme Court decision. What is remarkable, there is not one book written in support of that decision. That decision by four corrupt Supreme Court justices plus one has created a situation where the checks and balance system is no longer works. I have blogged several times, about how corporate money has bought congressional representatives, which in effect has put hem in charge of the legislative branch. We see a great shift in emphasis from fiscal responsibility of government to minority issue legislation. It should be obvious to all that we have a great national debt that we have to pay. For years, we have seen Congress fail to act on foreign policy issues requested by the president. We have government oversight committees in Congress that are a joke. They Benghazi investigation, the Planned Parenthood investigations, the Hillary Clinton e-mail issues under the leadership of Jason Chaffetz and Trey Gowdy are obvious partisan in nature and abject failures. The point of this blog is that Republican media is shifting the blame for a fail government onto the back of a Democratic President for the failure of a Republican Congress. The super rich have bought and paid for the media. They have bought and paid for Congress. Also, they bought the Supreme Court. They have bought and paid for your vote but only if you let them do it. The President of the United States if not responsible for the failure of “our” government, Republicans are, and it is time for every Democrat to recognize that fact. The message should go viral; the GOP, not President Obama, is where the blame belongs. URL: Comments Invited and not moderated

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