Thursday, September 17, 2015


The Republican Party debate last night presented a challenge. I started by trying to list them from winner to loser according to the substance of their arguments but soon realized everyone on of them was saying the same two things. My list ended up with all 15 of them at the bottom. Collectively, they hate it that the Democrats have been so effective in their way of governing in spite of the opposition of a rabid, radical Republican Congress; nine million more American have health care and love Obamacare, Medicare, Social Security, and they want peace and do not want to bomb, bomb, and bomb someone somewhere. We are no longer the feared bully of the Reagan world but are the highly respected benefactor of the world. What was evident was not one of them was rational to the point of having people question their mental competency. For example, Carly Fiorina would not talk to Putin but would rebuild the sixth fleet, increase our troops in Germany by thousands, rebuild the missile defense system in Poland, etc. No one asked where the money to pay for all of this was to come from. She didn’t say it, but obviously she would not raise taxes but would borrow the money to do all of that from China. How do I know what they would do? I looked at Jeb Bush; he was the tall fellow in the center, whose brother did the same thing in Iraq without A draft and without a tax increase and caused the 2008 economic meltdown. In fact everyone on the debate stage said something along the same line, that is attack someone somewhere, usually in the Middle East but a few of the real world thinkers, the tougher ones, included Kim Jung Un, and did not mention where the billions and billions of dollars would come from to do their proposed dirty deeds. I would like to remind them that Obama is defeating Russia. He decided to cut Putin’s power to borrow money without building the sixth fleet, dropping bombs, or insulting Germany by unilaterally putting thousands of troops in their country. He did it without a draft or borrowing massive amounts of money. He did it with a pencil. Our President is doing almost the same in defeating ISIS. Sunnis and Shia are fighting one another not us in the form of Saudi Arabia and its allies are fighting Iran and its allies at the same time he wrote a nuclear disarmament treaty. As we heard, 15 people on the stage pandered to Benjamin Netanyahu to the point of being degusting in the way they opposed the treaty. Of course, not one thing anyone of them said about the treaty is accurate. The truth is that last night was a revealing and disgusting performance by the entire field of Republicans candidates. I cannot believe we, as a sophisticated country, are would be capable of fielding such a mentally motley group of losers. In that sense, they make me ashamed. They were an irrational, xenophobic, disrespectful of the traditions of the United States, in fact, they showed no redeeming qualities—none. URL: Comments Invited and not moderated

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