Sunday, September 20, 2015


It is difficult to believe Dr. Carson, Republican candidate for President, is a physician. Most of us believe physicians are highly educated individuals. Apparently, this is a false belief. Dr. Carson is a mechanic focus on surgery and nothing else. Some may not believe this, but I have been trained in veterinary surgery. The one thing I can say about surgery is it is boring. At one timer in my life, I was involved in kidney transplants. Chanana, A.D., Cronkite, E.P., Joel, D.D., Stevens, J.B.: Prolonged Renal Allograft Survival:Extracorporal Irradiation of Blood. Trans. Proc., 3(1), (Mar.,1971):838-840. Most think this is highly sophisticated procedure; it is not. If you think Dr. Carson is something special because he is brain surgeon; it is not. What is most misleading is that he is a physician yet he knows nothing about what is going on in society, which he has demonstrated on national TV in respect to President Obama’s birth and religious affiliation. He has reduced himself to the level of a pandering buffoon. URL: Comments Invited and not moderated

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