Sunday, September 13, 2015


The unexpected support of Bernie Sanders’ candidacy for president carries a couple of new and unexpected messages from the people. First, Sanders is a Jew and this ties the GOP in a knot because Republicans are kissing off on Benjamin Netanyahu to try to get the Jewish support but now want to use anti-Semitism to disparage people from voting for Saunders. You watch and see, they will identify him as a Jew in the western and southern states where most of the bigots are and not mention his religion in New York, New Jersey or Florida—I live in North Carolina and have heard his religious affiliation repeatedly on the local news. Most of us see this as being two-faced. By the way, the American people overwhelmingly support Obama in the Iran Nuclear Treaty and resent Zionist interference in our government. By the way, the people support Obama in his domestic policies and not the other way around as the bought and paid for Republican media claim. The second and more direct thing is that the American people are finally recognizing we are a social democracy. It has taken over 200 years for them to realize “we the people” by definition means we are a social democracy. Social Security, Medicare, and every government agency run by the people, not a king or a dictator or a Koch brother or Sheldon Adelson. EPA, SEC, and all the rest are examples. If you hate government these are the people you should hate. If you pay attention, the same people you are telling you to hate your government and let the rich run the country; or have you not heard of Reaganomics? The corrupt Supreme Court had ruined our democracy with their ill-advised Citizens United decision. Because of that the rich bought the Congress which was intended to represent “all people”, which means we must take back the government for the people by organizing working people, which means we must support unions and that is precisely why so many of us like Bernie Sanders. The idiots that the rich and the religious are dragging around by the nose are those who believe in a collection of one-issue candidates and not those who represent a good government. URL: Comments Invited and not moderated

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