Sunday, August 23, 2015


The news broke with the story that the Israeli government under the leadership of Benjamin Netanyahu has recently planned attacks on Iran nuclear facilities. Under ordinary circumstances, this is not news that should alarm us. Every responsible government should plan to defend itself every possible way. The cooler heads in that government elected not to attack Iran for all the right reasons. However, when we have a radical leaders involved, as we have with Netanyahu, we should be wary. We owe it to world peace to do everything we can to convince them that they made the right decision not to start a war in the Middle East. In addition, we should convince Iran not to start a war either. President Obama has done that in a very clever, diplomatic, and effective way. He has negotiated a nuclear disarmament treaty. The next question that we have to answer is what the United States should do if the Netanyahu government did chOose to attack Iran after Congress failed to override a presidential veto. IO says that because as it now appears, Congress will vote not to ratify the treaty and that the president will veto it, but Congress will not be able to override his veto; thus, the treaty becomes law. However, if that sequence of events happens, it may give the Israeli government the idea they the United States would help them in an attack on Iran. It would suggest the Zionist lobby in the United Sates has enough power to cause the United States to support them. This is the reason I am so upset with those members of Congress who turned their backs on their president at the request of the Zionist lobby in the United States. I consider that people like Chuck Schumer committed a treasonous act in voting against this treaty, which so clearly will ensure peace in the area. All people in the United States, Jews gentile, and Muslims should understand that Israel could expect the treaty will put Israel on equal footing with Iran in the Middle East, which is exactly why Netanyahu does not want it. As it stand now, because of our pandering to their efforts to build a mighty military with atomic wars heads, and other arms manufacture, along with our stated guarantee that we will not let 20 Arabs neighbors destroy Israel, the Zionist are clearly in a superior position. Even with the Nuclear Arms treaty, the US guarantee to protect them will maintain them in a superior position but also they will have to negotiate with Iran and especially with an armed Palestine. I copied this information from a chart published by “If Americans Knew”, who has a mission to provide information not seen in the U.S. media. BREAKDOWN OF DEATHS Children Killed: Israelis = 129, Palestinian = 1,523 Civilian* Killed: Israelis = 731, Palestinian = 3,535 – 4226 People Killed on own land: Israelis = 596, Palestinians = 6,756 People killed on others’ land:” Israelis = 508, Palestinians = 73.1 *The Palestinian people do not have a military, so the usual classification of civilian is not being used. Instead, B'Tselem provides data on the number of Palestinians who did not participate in hostilities, a significantly more stringent qualification than the one used to identify Israeli civilians. We do not know how many of the Israelis listed as civilians participated in the hostilities. Many settlers who illegally have taken over parts of the West Bank (and used to live in parts of the Gaza Strip) are heavily armed and there have been numerous reports of their brutal attacks on their Palestinian neighbors. What these figures make clear is that the Israel government has become a terrorist organization, which is far different from what I so strongly supported in the UN Vote to partition Palestine all those years ago. The killing has to stop. We as world citizens have to work to return Israel to what it was supposed to be and not what it has become. A good start in doing that is to support the Nuclear Arms Agreement with Iran, but also we must condemn those in our nation who Netanyahu. URL: Comments Invited and not moderated

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