Wednesday, August 26, 2015


In Donald Trump’s mind, he was right, and Jorge Ramos was wrong; it is as simple as that. Trump came away looking like a leader and Ramos looked like an over egger amateur. Jorge Ramos is one of my favorite reporters on Spanish TV. I have read some of his books and followed his career for years. He is an exemplary journalist. Nevertheless, the evidence would suggest he was dead wrong during the news conference in Iowa Tuesday night. He claims it was his turn and that Trump knew what he was going to ask so he chose not to allow him to ask those questions. Although, difficult to detect the nuances in a press conference, I failed to see any video evidence that would suggest Ramos was “scheduled” to be next to ask a question as he claimed. Trump put him down masterfully with a line that may well be a classic similar to Reagan’s, “I paid for this microphone”. That line was, “You haven’t been called on which is concisely the Republican idea of being fair. If Trump cannot control the news conference, in his eyes, it would not be fair. Of course, the benefit of this approach to Trump is obvious. It is tantamount to answering only certain questions selected from all questions submitted. No question come as a surprise that will catch the candidate off guard or be a question he or she cannot answer. The matter of being in control of the conference is the point that by many newscasters missed reporting in their reports of the incident. Trump used the incident masterfully to boost his credentials as a leader, and the press bought it. The press and audience were scratching their heads wondering why Trump allowed Ramos to ask the same questions, knowing what the questions would be. The point is Ramos asked the questions when Trump decided it was time for Ramos to ask his questions. URL: Comments Invited and not moderated

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