Saturday, August 8, 2015


In diplomacy, there is no other country in the world like Israel. They pointedly try to build a Diaspora to influence the governments of other countries governments to favor Israel. They have a ministry in their government that works toward that end. South Africa came closest under the influence of Nelson Mandela who encouraged black people and their supporters living around the world to urge the governments of the countries in which they lived to disinvestment in companies doing business with apartheid South Africa. Aside from that, I am not aware of any other country that is trying to subvert citizens, especially politicians, to work in favor of Israel even if it is a matter of disloyalty. Israel even has an ongoing recruitment drive on the internet for non-citizen, I assume Jews, from around the world to join the Israel Defense Force. It is mind boggling to think that religion leaders of any denomination could expect people to be more loyal to the government of Israel than to their government. The similarity to the Vatican is notable. Catholics expect their fellow church members to support the Vatican but never at the expense of their government. During the John F. Kennedy presidential campaign, as a distraction, his opposition questioned his loyalty to the Pope, but they never seriously advanced that argument. In the past, Israel had been like the Vatican in the expanded sense that Israel served as a haven from the fear of pogroms, which smacked of the need for territory. I have strongly supported the creation of Israel and its defense of its independence in the conglomerate of Arabs states. This blog post questions the motive of this new radical led Israel government. Their behavior has created a new and unwelcome wave of anti-Semitism. Their unprecedented and even unethical expectations of Jews from around the world beg the question, “What is their objective?” I think I know and don’t like it. URL: Comments Invited and not moderated

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