Thursday, August 6, 2015


President Obama gave a hard-hitting speech concerning the Congressional approval of the Iran Nuclear treaty. A major point was there are right-wing radicals in Iran who wants war. There are right wing radicals in Israel who wants war, just as there are right-wing radicals in the Congress of the United States who want war. He collected the three right-wing groups and referred to them collectively as co-conspirators. By saying this, he boiled down the principle problem of the world to an aspect of human personalities. The part of our personality related to ownership territory or power that is an integral part of the human personality has a bestial origin. It is human nature, which it has been with us since the beginning. We may have refined the weapons and the mechanism of attack and defense, but a war is a war. Most students of history recall the Henry Kissinger years of realpolitik in the not to distant past; the country with the biggest weapons or the largest stockpile of bombs will be the winner. Of course, this thinking brought us the most destructive war in the history of humankind. Even after millions of causalities, we did not learn. We continued the childish, diplomatic nonsense by fighting in a “cold war”. We had more atomic bombs in number, and we had more powerful bombs than Russia. In what appeared to me to be a strange twist of logic. Because of the expense of it all, we forced Russia to concede defeat. The flag-waving, right-wing elements of our nation celebrated our victory as making us the “Greatest Nation on Earth”. Who has not heard the right wing repeat over-and-over again, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down that wall!” Clearly, the victory was related to economic power and not related to the “tough guy” stance of Ronald Reagan, as the right wing wants us to believe. As a result, the political right clouded the defeat of Russia in the “might is right” type of political rhetoric. Communism is bad, and capitalism is good. Democracy is good and dictatorships are bad, etcetera, etcetera. Upon careful consideration, over time, more and more of us have come to realize the victory relates to the illogical nature of the arms race. At the urging of a right-wing Israel lobby, the flag waving patriotic right wing Congress is threatening not to ratify the Iran Peace Treaty. They are in favor of a realpolitik approach. Left-wing Iranians have no influence in our Congress, so he did not mention them in his speech. We finally have a leader who realizes the failed and illogic nature of the Kissinger type diplomacy in the Middle East. In his speech, President Obama grouped the dissidents in the same camp. Perhaps he should have put those of us who want peace in the same camp as a counter force. Perhaps he should have pointed out that by far most Americans want peace. After all, it is only election Republican skullduggery that we have a right-wing majority in Congress, voter suppression and gerrymandering to be specific. A winning fraction of Iran’s populations is in the same camp as a majority of Americans. Those in Iran, who want peace, are joining those in the United States who want peace. The people of the world have been fighting war after war in the name of “might it right” since the beginning of human history. They want peace. It is time to stop that nonsense. URL: Comments Invited and not moderated

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