Sunday, August 2, 2015


Fox “news” has scheduled the Republican Candidate debate this Thursday, an event that watched by millions. We seem to overlook the fact that this debate represents an unprecedented publicity success for the Republican Party. The Democratic Party will try to counter with a debate but in terms of popularity, it will pale in comparison. The political rhetoric has centered on the Republican candidates for so long and with such intensity that the people dismiss Democratic candidates with a dismissive wave of the hand. What we see and hear on TV and talk-radio and read in newspapers as a background, a constant drone of Hillary bashing. Democracy, in a sense of power in the hands of the people, is on a downturn. The manipulation of democracy has taken years and years but seems to have reached an exponential growth phase; each step in that direction makes the next step easier. The conservatives or “royalists” element in society has been relentless. Ayn Rand shocked the world with the bluntness of her outline in her 1957 books and other writings; anyone who does not work deserves nothing. It is a throwback to the Darwinian survival of the fittest. If you cannot support yourself, you do not deserve to live; it is a simple black or white, yes or no decision. In other words, why a person cannot work does not matter. There is no room in their thinking for sympathy or soft-heartedness, which is the expression “tree hugger” originates. Everyone, regardless of political orientation, tends to dismiss the bestial callousness of her position with casualness akin to how as Republicans dismisses Democratic candidates. The difference is that Democrats make a decision based on circumstances; why this or that person does no work. Once you force a Republican to evaluate the reason they will demonstrate more empathy than a democrat if they agree the reason is valid. That does not mean they will respond; it is just that they agree he or she needs charity; they call it ‘compassionate conservatism.' The conservative quest boils down to defining an elite class in the western world or specifically the United States. The Citizens United decision was a major step in that direction. A long and tortuous path involving corrupting the court and the super-rich Koch Brothers’ bribery of Supreme Court Justices preceded this step. This co-evolved with a manipulation of the election of congressional representatives. People were shocked to realize the wide breath of this manipulation. There is an organization named American Legislative Exchange Council abbreviated as ALEC, a forum dominated by the rich and is designed to manipulate elected representatives. Business executives are always in a majority and dominate meetings. The rich and the elected meet, ostensibly to discuss legislation. The truth is they write and vote on legislation they invariably introduced into the state and federal law making bodies, which is the only reason the rich involve politicians. If anyone votes against this proposed legislation, he or she jeopardizes re-election. Obviously, campaign laws dealing with political donation limits, etc. do not control ALEC. In fact, the absence of such laws at a national level is a product of ALEC just clearly as we can tie the corruption of the Supreme Court to the mega-rich Koch brothers and the growing influence of Israel in American Politics to equally mega rich Sheldon Adelson. ALEC has been consistent in their efforts to undermine the power of the individual vote, and they are winning. As I asked above, have you noticed that the Democratic candidates for president have been dismissed by the media to a few comments about e-mail servers or Benghazi while millions upon million will be watching the Republican Candidates debate over how they will destroy the government. Have you ever asked, who owns, hence controls media content or who will be in control if there is no government? Then again, why ask; who cares what you think! URL: Comments Invited and not moderated

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