Thursday, August 13, 2015


This title may seem to give a strange twist to the Middle East but is factual. It is time for the American people to pay close attention to what is happening in Iraq, in fact, pay close attention to what is happening in the entire Middle East. The great majority of people seem to have a tendency to skip over the facts; thus, the majority of people allow propaganda created by small interest groups to lead them. Yes, it may seem shocking but with the post, I am asking people to analyze what in happening in the Middle East. According to a BBC news article, a truck bomb kills 76 and injured hundreds in predominately Shia district named Sadr City, a suburb of Baghdad. Radical religious Sunni jihadists, or ISIS, control the people of Bagdad. They are blowing up part of their city. The only way for us to make sense of all of this is to see them as the small radical group they are. They want us as a Christian Nation to treat them small as if they are entire Muslim world rather than a small group of religious radical. In the United States, our radical political right wing is looking at this and is demanding “we” put boots on the ground in Iraq. In other word, it makes sense to a small group of radicals that claims control of the entire conservative population that the Republican Party traditionally represents, which is equivalent to us treating ISIS as if they control all Muslims. This radical group wants us to become involved to stop the killing according to the best of America traditions. They want us to become humanitarians and start killing Muslims because they believe they are the humanitarians in this country. They want us to treat both the Shia and Sunni as being bad people. Think about that! They want us to attack Muslims, which will unite Muslim anger towards a Christian nation. ISIS wants to unite all Muslim under their banner and know the best way to do that is for the US to put boots on the ground and attack both Shia and Sunni. Do I have to point out the obvious which is that means we are fighting Muslims? In other words, the Republican Party is working in the interest of ISIS. What is even stranger is the Republican Party is in bed with Israel and is in the mix trying to involve us as a Nation to do what ISIS wants. Israel wants war, and the Republican Party wants war because they both think it will be advantageous to them. Of course, they want the American Jewish community to support them for political advantage. Thus, Israel wants more land that is Muslim and Republicans want more votes from the arms industry—ever hear about the Citizen United. The bright light at the top of the hill is the clear thinking of President Obama. Sunni should fight Shia if they want, but don’t involve us as a Christian Army. If we become involved, it will unite the Muslim world against us, and they will stop fighting among themselves. Our President has caused the Muslims to concentrate on fighting the radical elements in their religions. Reread the first paragraph in this post. What it says is that Sunnis Muslims and Shia Muslims are fighting the radical element in their religion, which is ISIS while ISIS, Israel, and the commandeered “Republican Party” are working to try to unite the Muslim community against Christians. Of course, it is complex, but our President is the only one in Politics that understands it. Of course, we are a humanitarian nation. Of course, we want all killing to stop, but that does not mean we should turn the calendar back several centuries. We did the several centuries ago and called it the crusades. URL: Comments Invited and not moderated

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