Friday, August 7, 2015


That historians rolled and tossed all night last night after the Republicans debate is not surprising. The messages the infamous 17 sent with their debate performance was that they failed completely to learn from history. I, or anyone else, will never know if the fault for the educational failure in history lies with the teachers of history or these people as students. To a person, the GOP debaters expressed the opinion the only way to beat ISIS, an ideological based radical group, was to scare them with a massive military force. Each had built this belief on the ideology on the same philosophy used by a young man in a black trench coat, armed to the teeth with automatic rifles and handguns, and standing in the doorway of a classroom of grades school age children expecting their respect. They seemed to have no understanding of the difference of respect out of fear versus respect out of virtue, which was reminiscent of President Reagan spending millions to take the relic battleship, the USS Missouri, out of mothballs and build a crew of thousands of sailor after the Second World War. The lesson of 1942 Japanese invasion of Singapore was still fresh in our minds, but he had failed to learn that air power made useless big guns pointed out to sea and battleships obsolete. In his GOP twisted mind, and the minds of those 17 on the stage, many big scary ships and massive military power would somehow cause radical religious and politically motivated leaders to give up their fight and become democratic. He didn’t say it, but they would take the money out of the food stamp program to build the ships. They failed to connect this right-wing thinking to the recent end of the cold war where governments wasted billions of dollars to build two massive nose-to-nose military forces large enough to destroy the world ten times over. The next theme was each one of them was sure he or she has the plan to cut taxes and rid the country of the massive government and its entire troublesome job killing regulations. The answer is simple; put everything in the hands of honest hard working business executives. The successful are all honest. Every one of the debaters claimed, except Trump, as do all Republicans who champion the rich; they come from hard working families, who experienced poverty. Clearly, like venture capitalists, they are willing to spend the vast investment of American people made in building a great nation. We all know that our infrastructure is falling apart under this Congress. They refuse to pay for infrastructure maintenance. The presidential candidates, to a person, mimicked our sitting Congress as Republicans lead it. Conservative on the debate stage live under a two-pronged economic philosophy and were there to make sure if the people elect them they will continue that philosophy. First, they will continue to build the future on austerity. It somehow makes sense, to them that they can build a big beautiful house without spending any money. Cut everything, public school, highway and bridge maintenance, support for the unfortunate, all social programs, and anything else the government spends money on except the military. Again, like building a big beautiful house, you can create equal opportunity in education by cutting funding for education. Scott Walker believes he can improve universities by drastically cutting its support. You build a better school system by putting its control in the hands of white Confederate flag waving racist, or in the hands of Catholics, Lutherans, Baptists, Zionists, or snake handlers in the mountains of the Deep South. We know after Hardy, Coolidge, and Hover we had the great depression. They know that after George W Bush, we had a similar disaster. We have to assume either they did not learn from history, or they want another big depression, which causes liberals like me to toss and turn all night wondering why. How or why have we failed to teach history? As always, any social failure falls back on teachers. Car accidents are the fault of driver education instructors. Unwanted pregnancies are due to lack of sex education. It is time for teachers to ask themselves the question, why do people believe Republican rhetoric. Did you hear the roar of the crowd at each asinine pronouncement last night? OMG URL: Comments Invited and not moderated

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