Wednesday, August 19, 2015


It seems incredible that the American people miss the point of the massive explosion in China killing hundreds and wounding thousands. The message is loud and clear and is there for all of us to learn; we need the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). China has not EPA. The American Republican party wants to eliminate the EPA. One of their candidates, Rick Perry, made the wish famous by forgetting that it was the EPA he wanted to eliminate the instant he became president. Another candidate, Ron Paul rushed to his aid by naming the agency. The obvious reason for wanting to eliminate that agency of government is that environmental protection cost manufacturers money; thus, it cuts profits. The connection between these politicians and big business is not mysterious. The big money behind the Republican Party and these candidates comes directly from these enterprises. There is a video clip on the inter net of hundreds of burned and injured victim wandering aimlessly around the streets of the city where this happened. It makes clear that the profits of these corporations do not go to helping the people by building social programs that benefit the people. Therefore, that video clip is as revealing as the explosion because it makes clear there is no medical facility or emergency response to help the injured people. We can no set back a smugly say that is there and not here! We recently had a large explosion of a chemical warehouse in Texas, for an identical reason. Firefighters did no know what chemicals were involved nor did they know how much of the chemicals were stored there because the State Government blocked EPA inspections—it is part of the states rights issue they widely support. I see a direct connection between the incident in China and the incident in Texas, not only because of the similarity of the explosion, but also because the candidate who forgot what agency he would close “the day he became president” was the Governor of Texas at the time of that explosion. It boggles my mind to think any person in the United Stares would support a Republican Candidate for anything. If they want to live like that then move to China, or now that I think about it, they could move to Texas. URL: Comments Invited and not moderated

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