Friday, August 21, 2015


“Anchor babies” is not a derogatory expression. Like so many other things written in the Constitution, the interpretation given by the Radical right wings has nothing to do with the intent of those who wrote the amendment. Unfortunately, the very people who intentionally misread that document are those who have corrupted the Supreme Court of the United States. Another classic example of the phenomenon is Fox News, whose name self is an oxymoron; it is not a news station. The sole purpose of both organization, one a constitutionally mandated branch of government and the other represents a constitutionally protected social function; still both aim at to corrupting the government. People from my adopted country of Belize and many other countries from around the world “use” the 14th amendment protection to ensure their children have citizenship. A significant segment of that population who do this do it specifically do it to take advantage of it to establish a relationship with their families with the United States. I was surprised by the larger number of people who have done it but chose to reside in their native countries and are proud to do so, which makes sense when you think of what a family has to do to get to the United States. Families with investments in their home countries have to sell everything and take a big chance they will be successful in finding work in the United States. The unskilled labor from all these countries is just as unskilled there as they were in their home countries. The criminals in their home countries are the ones who will be criminal in the United States. Those who will be successful are looking to support their families. As it turns out, the so-called “anchor babies” are born to middle and upper-class families and not street poor families as the right wing would have us believe: the rapist, killers, and thugs that is, the subject of Trump rhetoric. Therefore, the anchor baby phenomenon is greatly exaggerated and the snarling and growling of the radicals among us aim at gaining the vote of the mentally challenged among us. Nevertheless, the fact that people come to the United States to have their babies is very true. In addition, I only know of one case where the parents falsified the records and lied to their child about where she was born, which was not in the United States. Other that, the babies were born in the United States and then returned the parents and child to the home country. The point is that they did not stay because their baby was born in the US. Their anchors were in their home countries. Thus, the expression, “anchor babies”, is a lie except in a minority of cases. The far right’s reading of the 2nd amendment is a lie. Republican voter suppression, the right wing based on the “constitutional rights” of states, which is another big right wing lie. What is true is that our Constitution gives the government the right to write and to clarify immigration laws, so why don’t they do it? The only thing that justifies the right wing thinking is bestial level territorial rights; this is our country, and we do not want to share it. Like a dog snarling growling dog cowering in the corner of a cage daring anyone to try touching it for any reason. That dog is not capable of thinking about how they got there in the first place. URL: Comments Invited and not moderated

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