Tuesday, July 21, 2015


The picture depicted a line of men on their knees each before as another line of men in a uniform black dress. The caption said we must attack and destroy ISIS. My knee jerk response was; Yes, I agree. The more I thought about my reaction, the more I realized I had fallen into a clever propaganda trap. I do agree with the idea that we must destroy ISIS but how is the question. I am 100% sure those who sponsored the posting of that picture intended it to mean the entire force of the United States military might attack the Middle East, which is something I do not agree. An all-out war against ISIS is what the hillbilly Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton, and the radical South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham as well as the George W. Bush neo-cons are advocating. I am sure they visualize hoards of soldiers and wave after wave of airplanes sweeping across the Middle East destroying one Muslim Nation after another Muslim Nations reminiscent of World War II. Such an massive effort would be a war of Christians facing Islamist in a bloody crusade of sufficient magnitude to end to end all crusades, which is reducible to the simplistic “T” shirt motto these kinds of people are capable of understanding; “Kill them all and let ‘God’ sort them out”. What they leave unsaid is Israel would be left standing strong and dominate and in control of all the land their Rabbis say “God” told them, they owned. If you understand the implications of the first paragraph in the same way I do, you can still believe we must assist in destroying ISIS. The destruction must be accomplished from within Islam and not by Christians but by Islamist. The problem and its solution is equivalent to the child molestations unveiled in the Catholic Church. The Catholics must solve their problem, which the rest of us put pressure on them to act, but they must find the solution. Baptists, Evangelicals, Jews, etc. can do nothing directly. With that understanding, you agree with the above group in several things. For Example, Israel must stand as a nation in the Middle East. Also, you know that if the western world attacks the Muslim nations in the Middle East, all 20 or 22 of them unites the people against us, which is not idle speculation but fact. George W. Bush proved that would happen with his ill-advised attacked Iraq. Also, we understand that the common conservative propensity is to solve all aspect of a problem forever, and society should do it all at once by creating a sweeping generality of “destroy them all”. Only a single nation is their target, which is not an actual country, but only a segment of what had been Palestine now identified by that name. ISIS is perpetuating the terror with the aim of doing just what it is doing. Stated another way, ISIS is leading many of these people around by the nose. It is disgusting to realize ISIS, Israel government under Netanyahu, and certain of our Congressional Representatives, as well as many people in the United States, are in the same bed. They all want the same thing for different reasons. Nonetheless, they dutifully do precisely what ISIS want them to do, which is to demand we attack all Muslim nation in the Middle East and unite them against us. The solution is so easy our president was able to summarize it in five simple words, “No boots on the ground”. ISIS will die because of its inconsistency; ISIS is killing in Muslims. Of course, we stand by and urge the on by insisting they clean up their mess. URL: firetreepub.blogspot.com Comments Invited and not moderated

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