Saturday, July 11, 2015


The real danger in the Trump candidacy for president is that the voter might elect him. I lived in Minnesota at the time of Jessie Ventura, professional wrestler, when the good people of that state elected him 38th governor (1999 to 2003). The man had achieved notoriety, as a wrestler and as a navy seal that is in fields other than politics. It was a difficult time in Minnesota politics because people were disgusted with the failure of politicians to solve economic problems among other things. As my brother-in-law said after he voted, he said, “a voted for anyone else was a vote for politics as usual. The general mood in the country right now parallels that in Minnesota at that time. Most people did not vote, and those who did vote were a minority disgusted with government. The electorate resembles a conservative primary; first discourage turnout and unite and control the minority with the hateful rhetoric, which drives them to the voting booth. If we elect him in 2016 presidential election, we could end up with a trickle down clown even worse than Ronald Reagan was. The humor of a clown is that you can throw him or her into the air and invariably land on their heaviest part; in Donald Trumps case, it would not be his head. He would land on his pocketbook. Need I remind you, that is not the pocketbook of the working American. URL: Comments Invited and not moderated

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