Friday, July 31, 2015


Firetree Publishing is a liberal blog site. There can be no question about that. However, I think liberals are wrong in their overwhelming and irrational opposition to Dr. Peterson killing of a lion in Zimbabwe. Part of the problem is the “pet” lion killed, the Natural and Wildlife of that country serves, had collared and protected in Hwange animal preserve. A criminal element in Zimbabwe arranged to entice the animal to travel outside of the preserve. Dr. Peterson had no knowledge of this and paid to hunt legally and kill a lion. The liberal writers have filled the media with rhetoric condemning the rich for pursuing their hunting fantasies. Hunting is now a hobby. Human history relates to hunter-gatherers as a way of surviving in our bestial past (Firetree / Firetree Publishing: EVOLUTIONARY PSYCHOLOGY AND KILLING LIONS). Now, some condemned hunting as an evil thing with what appears to be an excessive dose of righteous indignation originating from a supposed love of animals. People, setting in McDonald fast foods eating a hamburger, act shocked find out hunting and eating meat involved killing animals. These same people work to earn as much money as they can to do the things they want to do but deny others from doing the same thing. In this working group, I include the people in Zimbabwe who worked to arrange the hunt, while I include real estate sales people in McDonald’s, mechanics who charge for work they did not do, to physicians who arrange for unneeded follow-up visits to collect the office fees, to name a few. These people have destroyed a thriving dental practice because of the dentists hobby. They have further upset animal population control, which is always a complicated and poorly managed exercise. They have destroyed a person’s reputation. They have distracted from killing animals, which is what they find objectionable. I think people should be encouraged to hunt with cameras, not guns. I think we should leave population control of animals to wildlife professional; if it includes, hunting and killing so be it. I believe a rich person should be able to spend his money as he please as long as it is within the law. Our efforts should be to control how people earn money. Dr. Peterson is not guilty of anything. All of this talk about extradition is foolish, and liberals should be stop talking nonsense. The people of Minnesota should be ashamed of the way they have acted. Perhaps they should step back and look at how they control the deer population in their state. URL: Comments Invited and not moderated

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