Tuesday, July 28, 2015


The United States in involved in a very complex situation in the Middle East. A case in point is the recent declaration of a free zone dividing, into two parts, an area Kurdish anti ISIS control between Syria and Turkey, which suddenly happened after Turkey agreed to stop allowing ISIS fighter to transit their country and allow us to use their military bases. The only way to makes sense of all of this and understand the nature of our involvement is to understand the objective of our policy and even that is complex until we shed the side tracks. The objective is obviously peace in the region by supporting equality among countries that do not want to be equal. If the animosity between Abrahamic religions can be removed: Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. To do this requires that we redirect sectarian hate and terrorism to within the still maturing religion, also, the residual anti-Semitism in our population. In addition to all of this confusion, we must cope with strong anti Obama forces in this country trying to trash our President’s efforts to make a permanent peace in that area of the world because of his race. Yes, this is unbelievable but it is true. Add to this the strong political force now working to expand the Republican Party power here at home by siding with Israel against our president. I have posted blogs in the past about the president’s policy of, “no boots on the ground.” Mainly, I aimed the posts at those who failed to understand the policy. It seemed as if their lack of understanding was intentional. In some cases, it was so obvious that it was comical. It seemed beyond their comprehension to understand that if we aid King Assad of Syria, who is hated by Turkey, in his the fight against ISIS and aid Turkey in its fight against Kurdish ISIS, the object is to defeat ISIS and not to support Assad, as they claimed, which is just one of many examples I could give. President Obama has lined up Iran and its allies to fight against Saudi Arabia and its allies, which is a remarkable accomplishment. They are busy fighting one another and not us. Take a simpleton, such as freshman Senator Tom Cotton for example, and try to explain to him that if we attack a Muslim nation such as George W. Bush did, we unite all Muslims against us and not against each other. He acts as if he does not understand. The truth is he fully understands; however, he sees no glory in peace. Some years ago, I met a young man, a recent graduate of the Military Academy. His eyes glistened with excitement. While still in the academy, he had volunteered for infantry duty in Iraq and had received his orders to go to Iraq that day. A mutual friend of his mother’s, to honor her birthday hosted the dinner party. His single mother had worked hard to support her three children; much to her credit, all three had graduated from Annapolis. Why is it that I feel so different about war than he does? Like Tom Cotton, he sees glory in war. No matter who is fighting for what, which is beyond bestial; I know of no animal other than humankind that fights for the sake of fighting and dying. URL: firetreepub.blogspot.com Comments Invited and not moderated

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