Tuesday, July 14, 2015


The Iran nuclear limitation treaty is a huge victory moving us toward world peace engineered in part by President Obama with other members of the United Nations Security Council plus Germany. Of course, the Zionist world as led by Netanyahu is upset over this treat. However, to be complete,the treaty should read that Netanyahu must be deposed. The real message for Israel is that world leaders in mass reject the Benjamin Netanyahu policy; not just one or two leaders but every one of them, which means the world population rejects Zionism. I have repeatedly written there is a difference between being a Zionist and being a Jew. Now, after the nuclear limitation treaty, it is most important to understand the difference. I am not a Jew but before the Likud party and Netanyahu, I was a Zionist now I am not a Zionist in the same sense. In an almost unbelievable turn of events, the current Prime Minster of Israel has turned on the Palestinian people in a manner reminiscent of what happened in Germany to the Jewish people, and many others, in 1933 to the spring of 1945. I was a Zionist when the United Nations partitioned Palestine on 29 November 1947. At 15 years of age, my parents and teachers probably strongly influenced me in my beliefs. Without question, the people based this belief in part on the recent terrible pogrom in Germany but also the liberal belief in freedom and human empathy. Partly, the error was the expectation that Israel would serve as a homeland for their religion just as the Vatican serves the Catholics. On its face, this was illogical when one thinks of the basic reason for the formation of that country, which was to establish a place with a Jewish dominated government; therefore, a place safe from anti-Semitism. For many years this worked, worldwide anti-Semitism waned. Perhaps this actually started with the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin, the fifth Prime Minister of Israel, who was an Israeli politician driven by a passion for peace until his assassination in 1995 by a radical Jew. This seemed the first step in the deterioration of continuous peaceful existence. When the political power in Israel eventually fell into the greedy hands of Zionist extremists and eventually into the hands of Netanyahu, against a background of Palestinian unrest, all began to change. His and certain of his predecessor’s primary objective was to increase the demand for more land and to fulfill that demand by taking over Palestinians owned lands with the notoriously infamous settlements. In part, they did this by establishing what was an equivalent of a ministry of the Diaspora requesting all Jews to return to Israel, with the recognition that most Jews had never lived in Israel. In addition, Israel government waged a massive worldwide propaganda campaign, which intended to increase hate for Muslims, such as those who live in Palestine. We saw the results of this propaganda in national campaigns in Canada, Europe, and the United States related to band burkas campaigns, and much other nonsense such as passing laws preventing reference to Sharia Law in places where most people did not even know that that was. It came to a head in Europe when previously peaceful Muslim communities attacked Jewish communities or visa versa and Netanyahu suddenly appeared asking the offended Jews to come to Israel for protection from such assaults, which was a blatant attempt to provoke unrest and then profit from that unrest. Netanyahu frequently provoked the Palestinians they hold in bondage and then blamed them for fighting back. He did this whenever he felt he needed more land to accommodate the influx of Jews and need to take more land. The bottom one is that Israel must exist but must exist in peace and as a home for the Jewish religion, which it cannot do with the shadow of Muslim hate they currently cast over the Middle East. A peaceful Palestine must exist as well. A two-state solution seems the only answer, even though Palestinians would suffer by loss of land because of the lie Jewish leaders told in 1946, which was that Palestine was a vacant wasteland, which it wasn’t. The only way there will be two states is without Netanyahu, but more important a new attitude in Israel is needed. URL: firetreepub.blogspot.com Comments Invited and not moderated

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