Monday, July 27, 2015


A diplomatic principle is that people who do not agree have to negotiate to resolve their differences, which is so simple it is naïve to have to write it. I remember how the right wing attacked President Obama when as a candidate. He suggested he would talk with those we as a country disagree. Incredulously, they insisted you do not negotiate with anyone unless you are sure you are going to win the negotiation. As I think back to those days, I realize this is a fundamental right-wing principle embedded in their minds. We often hear Republican Congressional representatives will not compromise. It is their way or no way, which is a variation of the same thing. Step back and examine the nature of a dictatorship, royalty, or an executive of a business. These are all positions in which, in their mind, they have supreme power. They expect deference from everyone around them. Expecting and receiving high esteem are two different things. As a biologist, I think in terms of peck-order; there are top chickens, and there are followers. Some people are content to be followers while others seem driven to be in charge of something. Our humanization has moved us from simple bestiality to mental dominance. However, the process is not complete in the sense that physical size and strength is still the justification used by some for hierarchy dominance in some situations. Nonetheless, most situations in our society are now a compromise between physical can mental ability. Still the ghost of that past, innate, or genetically sensed feeling stays with us, as is the case with the Republican feeling of dominance in all situations. I see this in the Iran treaty negotiations just completed, but Congress has yet to ratify. The right-wing Likud Party in Israel feels they deserve the high esteem of everyone in the world but have failed to justify the reason for regional dominance. Everyone understands Zionist want to continue to exist as a country, but that is different from dominating the region. I am one who wants to see them exist and am willing to support fighting for them to exist, but I am not willing to fight to see them exist as a dominating force in the area. They want to be the dictator in the Middle East. The problem is Iran wants to be the dictator as well, which is clearly a situation where our President has recognized the world needs compromise if we are to have peace. The Middle East is a classic situation for negotiations, and we need to use our power as a nation to affect a compromise between these two nations that have come to represent two different ideologies. Israel is thinking as a Republican thinks; the negotiations did not come out, as they wanted. The mystery is that the negotiations resulted in Iran not having a nuclear weapon, but Iran is unhappy with that. They are unable to enunciate what they want because even they are ashamed to admit they want a Middle East dictatorship, which reminds me of Karl Rove, who was the only Republican bold enough to say what Republicans want. They wanted a perpetual Republican majority. URL: Comments Invited and not moderated

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