Thursday, July 2, 2015


The fourth of July is here again. We should collectively celebrate the end of our colonial status from England. Reading social media gives me a warped sense of the American brand of freedom especially when it come comments written by expatriates from around the world. One fellow who is a citizen because he has American parent, but who has never lived in the United States even as a young child for more than a year or two constantly complains about how bad it is to live there. His focus is primarily on too many regulations and too high taxes. However, when July 4 comes around he is the first one to celebrate. I had the silly thought that if I had the power to issue licenses to celebrate, who would get a license to celebrate this holiday. From there move into this country and do the same thing. I see hundreds of people filling parks with picnic baskets and appear in droves in huge stadiums to watch exceedingly expensive fireworks works. You and I know there are a surprising number of people who do not vote or otherwise participate in the democracy they are enthusiastically celebrating. In addition, it seems the ones celebrating the hardest are the ones who “hate” the United States for the same reason the expatriate I mentioned hates America; we see it expressed on social media, in letters to the editors, etc. The implication is that if taxes are too high and if regulations are too many, the government should cut taxes should rescind regulations. Never once do they mention the consequences of cutting taxes and deregulation of businesses yet what they complain most about are the consequences of lack of government funding for example high tuition, crooks on Wall Street and in the banking industry, or the way bribed politicians vote. The first thing out of their mouths, when something goes wrong is, “There ought to be a law”. URL: Comments Invited and not moderated

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