Tuesday, July 7, 2015


If you want to understand what is happening in Greece, you have to read John Perkin’ s book, Confessions of an Economic Hit Man (2004). Bankers convince leaders in underdeveloped countries to finance excessive loans by using their countries assets as collateral for huge loans. Think of this as being equivalent to giving the power to tax and otherwise control the highways, bridges, government buildings, pension funds, everything the people own to a banker. All that money in the hands of a few leaders is an attractive incentive for those leaders; it gives them a short lasting sense of power. The result is this puts such institutions as the World Bank and International Monetary Fund in political control of the country in question. Driven by greed, they consume the assets at the expense of the people. Giving bankers’ control of a countries asset is equivalent to putting the GDP of their country in the hands of greedy bankers, which is what happens until the people of the country tell the moneyed interests to go to hell by refusing to pay that debt, as the Greeks just did. My message to my fellow citizens is that if we look around, isn’t this is what is happing in the Untied States; the rich have all the power. Isn’t this Reaganomics where all the money is at the top but doesn’t trickle down. Political control of our country is now in the hands of the rich. The rich have compromised the entire Republican Party. The result is that political arguments border on the ridiculous. Republicans are blaming the poor for being on welfare, or freedom to marry as why wages have not increased, or pro-choice activists are responsible for budget deficits, or any of a number of other such asinine things as what is the reason for income disparity without ever asking how. What is the connection? There is no end to the ridiculousness. It is time for us, the most advanced country in the world, to learn from Greece, the oldest country in the world. “We the people” must tell the “too big to fail banks” to go to hell. URL: firetreepub.blogspot.com Comments Invited and not moderated

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