Saturday, July 25, 2015


The worst of all things that can happen diplomatically has happened. The fight over the Iran Nuclear Arms negotiations, which pits the Israeli government and the State Department of the United States, has created a situation in which they ask me to choose between my government and the government of Israel. I have repeatedly stated that I and many other Americans support the idea that Israel must exist as a country. The tragedy of this current situation is that it is creating a dreadful wave of anti-Semitism. We have struggled with that problem for years and seemed to be gaining ground until this happened. Netanyahu and his political party and their wave of propaganda promoting hate for Palestinians is the face or the symbol; I give to this growing animosity. The Israeli-State Department conflict of the power in Washington D.C. is something that has been brewing for a long time, but the Iran Negotiations has brought it to a head. The strength of the Israeli lobby in the United States has created this tension, which the Republican Party has acerbated in hopes of switching the Jewish vote from the Democrats to themselves. The most pointed example we can directly related to the actions of the Supreme Court. The Republican corrupted Supreme Court decision has made it possible for radical Zionist Sheldon Adelson to corrupt even our presidential election by giving vast amounts of money to presidential candidates. Of course, he will totally finance candidates with a strong inclination against approval of the anti-Iran nuclear. Blatant Republican Party skullduggery is not something new; Mitt Romney illegally held fundraisers in Israel without even raising eyebrows in the media. Although I have supported Israel since its inception, it is ridiculous to think me, or any other American citizen would even consider turning my back on the United States, which is why the actions of Senator Chuck Schumer of New York shocked me when he sided with Benjamin Netanyahu against President Obama. He is the upcoming minority leader of the Senate. Also, speaker of the House of Representatives, John Boehner’s, invitation to Netanyahu to speak at a joint session of the Untied States Congress, like Schumer's decision, was so inappropriate. Netanyahu was in a political battle for Prime Minister of Israel at the time, so the invitation helped him tremendously. It is degusting to watch Presidential candidate Senator Marco Rubio kiss up to Israel in a childish manner. What made it insulting to me is that he did it in front of cameras on during a televised meeting on during a Senate Foreign Relations Committee on the Iran treaty. Like a teenager amateur actor trying to impress his elders in a debate on a subject he did not understand, Rubio read from a list of simplistic and nonsensical objections. The treaty clearly addressed every one of the objection he made. This fight over the Iran Treaty was a wake-up call for me. As first, I could not remember a diplomatic situation in which a foreign government has had this level of power over our government. However, upon reflection, I realize the same political forces at play today controlled the neo-con government of George W. Bush administration. The difference between then and now is that the neocons hide the power of control in contrast to the bold openness of what is happening over the Iran treaty negotiation. After the war in Iraq was in full swing, the American people realize the Israeli lobby had duped us. It is as if the American Israeli Policy Advisory Committee (AIPAC) was in charge of our government, and they don’t care who knows it. We must do something about it. URL: Comments Invited and not moderated

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