Sunday, July 12, 2015


The final steps in the Iranian nuclear arms agreement are in the making but are especially complicated. Succeed or fail, it was a great attempt at peace in the Middle East. I am beginning to realize that the negotiating power is in the hands of European business interests more than I ever appreciated before. If the United States walks away from the deal and they don’t, the European businesses will benefit because they will lift the sanctions leaving us by ourselves weak and ineffective. Essentially, they would dominate that lucrative market and put Iran on the rode to dominate the Middle East as a caliphate; everyone understands that a caliphate is nothing more than a religious dictatorship. In addition, if the Europeans lift sanctions, they will hurt the United States because of our ties to Israel. In essence, it would mean we would have to put our military might in the hands of Israel to defend them as we have pledged to do, which is what Netanyahu wants. That was his message to Congress and was the reason our upcoming Senate minority leader, Chuck Schumer, a Democrat, showed his loyalty to Israel over the United States by stabbing President Obama in the back over the negotiations. On the other hand, if the Europeans walk away from the negotiations, our right wing Congress in combination with the Israel supporter, will increase the sanctions against Iran. The liberal factions in Iran will force the right wing religious leaders to agree to the atomic weapons sanctions. Thus, put the Middle East on the road to peace under the guise of equality. I used the word ‘guise’ because actually, Israelis have atomic bomb and we should move to force them to do away with their atomic program just as we are forcing Iran to do away with their atomic program, which will never happen because of the Schumer’s in this country. Such a debate would open the ugly wound of anti Semitism. We are not mature enough as a country to realize support for Zionism and support for Judaism are two different things. The irony is that peace in the Middle East will open Persian business to the world, which will benefit everyone. The P plus 5 notation in the list of negotiating parties means the United Nations security Council is involved, which enables Russia’s President Putin’s entry into the negotiations makes it clear that there are business forces in the world against peace. He will do anything he can to hurt relationships between Germany and the United States to protect his fossil fuel market. The bottom line is greed, no matter where you find it, is ugly, but in international negotiations it is especially so. URL: Comments Invited and not moderated

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