Monday, July 6, 2015


The nuclear disarmament talks in the Middle East are ending without a clear definition of what the final agreement will be. However, it is clear we can step back and evaluate the objectives of both parties, which are Iran and its allies and the P-5 plus one. However, there is much more to the evaluation of these negotiations. Because details, or at least what we were led to believe were accurate details, of the negotiations were published in the news almost daily, we know many details, which allowed various groups to muddle the negotiations. Also, we can step back and evaluate how negotiators from various countries used the various factions in these countries to achieve their ends in the negotiations. Also, we can evaluate the techniques used by politicians to manipulate the outcome of the negotiation. All of this is complex but interesting. The shamelessness of the political parties in using these negotiations to expand the reach of their various parties into the Jewish Diaspora was especially remarkable. The invitation extended to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to speak to a joint session of Congress was a classic example as was Chuck Schumer, the upcoming majority leadership of the United States Senate, stabbing his own parties President in the back in favor of Israel’s Netanyahu position on the Iran negotiations. In one case, it was to entice the Jewish community to join the Republican Party and on the other, it was to gain Jewish votes for an individual. Regardless, it was an indication of Zionist political power as opposed to Jewish power. What Schumer does and says is all very different from what Arkansas hillbilly Tom Cotton is doing with this call for war with Iran. He is a festered pimple on the butt of the Republican Party and as such represents the very few among us who see glory in war. To make my point that our president is taking the right approach to peace in the Middle East, I will suggest that the United States demand equality for all countries in the Middle East. Isn’t that what we want as a nation? If we have as our aim the removal of atomic weapons from all countries, we should also demand Israel give up its nuclear program just as they are demanding Iran give up their nuclear program. Or, we could start by imposing a trade embargo between the world and Israel just as we have between Iran and the world. We could add pressure by threatening to include withdrawing the billions and even trillions of taxpayers’ dollars in aid we provide to Israel, the richest country in the Middle East. I could argue that we have pledged to protect Israel against its regional enemies, so why does Israel need all that money and an atomic program as well. We could flip that coin and provide Palestinians with billions, and help them start a nuclear program to cut the violence in the area. Isn’t that the American way; to get rid of gun violence is to have more guns. I will stick with Obama and not only do what we are doing but do it in the same way. URL: Comments Invited and not moderated

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