Wednesday, July 1, 2015


I just saw on TV a South Carolina politician talking about the upcoming vote in their legislature concerning the Confederate Battle Flag. He said they might vote to take it down or, “replace it with something else”, which begs the question of how or with what do you replace a symbol of racial suppression. It reminded me a black activist fellow who wanted to raise a red, black, and green flag of black racial unity to bring “his people together”. In other words, he wanted to replace a symbol of a small group united around a message of hate with another symbol representing an equally small group also united by of hate. Clearly, large groups of people are looking for solutions that do not understand the problem. In fact, I would suggest, these are the very people who appear to be creating the problem. Small groups of people gather around under different flags, or icon or symbol, representing hate to counter the other group representing hate. The real problem arises from the majority of people who are willing to stand on the sidelines and watch. I believe many of these people, often a majority, have opinions, but do not express their feeling, which allows a minority opinion to dominate. Small groups can be effective in calling attention to what they see injustice, as we all know from terrorist activities. We also know small, focused groups sometimes are effective in picking our political leaders, thus allowing those with minority opinions to rule, with both good and disastrous results. At times, the problem can be massive, such as during the East against the West cold war but most involve only a small tightly knit group such as the Confederate flag issue. If we were to ask the people what the problem was, by far most people could only answer by repeating what they heard their leaders tell them. The point of this blog post is, a warning really is that often their leaders are a hate driven radical group, which expands their hate. I do not stand with the Tea Party on their hate the government, nor do I stand with Senator Marko Rubio with his hate for Castro or do I stand with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu with his hate of Muslims. I want the government to be as expansive and as good as, it can be, and I want the Cuban people to flourish. I want to see, an end put to religious hate Zionists are promoting for Palestinians, and a stop put to anti-Semitism. I want the Republican to stop promoting hate for unions while claiming they promote working people. However, sometimes, when I look around I feel like a minority—but am I? URL: Comments Invited and not moderated

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