Thursday, July 16, 2015


The subject of the president’s news conference yesterday was to defend the positive outcome of the Iranian negotiations, which is without question the greatest of many diplomatic victories of the Obama Presidency. The negotiators made the deal extremely involved, but they have lasting worldwide importance. It has shifted the power in the Middle East from the extreme right with Israel dominating to the center thus sets the stage for future peace negotiations. More than that, the deal has shifted the conflict from a massive religious focus of all Muslims versus all Christians to a sovereign focus with various Muslim sects involved. Also, by dong this, the negotiators put the conflict between Israel and Palestine in an entirely different perspective. By isolating that conflict in this way, for the first time since 1947, it makes it solvable. Once it shakes its self out, it will no longer the Jews of the world against the Muslims of the world. It is one small country versus another small country with the possibilities of negotiations to form a two-state solution. Of course, we will still help Israel and Iran will still help Palestine, which is what worries Netanyahu. Iranian arms will go to Hezbollah to support Palestine finally giving that besieged people a way to fight back. The reporters, but especially the incompetent Major Garret, missed most of this apparently because he had his mind on disparaging the president. The one thing left to do is for CBS to fire Major Garrett. This reporter had one objective in mind when he asked his question, which was to disparage President Obama. He assumed the president would not answer direct; thus, his remark would imply the president was in fact content with leaving four Americans in Iranian hands. His reward would be for the radical right wing to hold him up as a hero for doing it. The president did answer directly and destroyed the man as a reported; however, he is not alone. I don’t watch anymore, but in the recent past, I have watched Morning Joe on MSNBC. I justified my watching that show by saying I needed my dose of right wing poison every morning. Joe Scarborough has cleverly resorted to the same technique as Garrett did. He could not mention President Obama without some under the breath remark. There never was any substance or foundation for his remarks just as Garrett had no foundation for implying what he said. The truth is the facts are invariably opposite. This is all part of the degusting Republican playbook to do everything in their power to make the country fail while proclaiming their unwavering patriotism. URL: Comments Invited and not moderated

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