Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Scott Walker’s conservatism is unique because of its boldness. Every pronouncement he makes is a clear statement of what has been driving the right-wing political machine for many years. For example, he tells people of his state his objective is to make educations better and to do so he severely cuts billions from the state education budgets. His objective is to take education out of the hand of government and put it into the hands of private individuals. Only to the greediest conservatives does this seem correct. The bottom line is what Walker will never say; the conservative dream is that if you cannot pay for it, you shouldn’t have it. Is it so hard to see that this is in conflict with the American dream, which is that all children should have an equal opportunity? Still, it seems we and the news media just stand back and shrug our shoulders as if we are not able to understand the consequences of having the Walker’s conservative dreams fulfilled. From time to time, some radical liberal will say the conservative objective is to destroy the representative government that is the government “of the people and by the people.” We rest easy thinking the government is so powerful that that can never happen. There are those hovering in the background who will make it happen. The conservatives say what they say and the moneyed interests, such as the Koch brothers or the Sheldon Adelson, make it happen. It is no coincidence that Koch brothers fund Scott Walker with essentially unlimited funds. They know it is an investment and if successful, they will get their money back. It is the same as a venture capitalist; if they buy a company or the government, they control the assets, and can make that company (congress) do what they want it to do. Thus, the foundation for the further corruption of “we the people government” has been established. I make this statement about the obvious corruption of some congressional representatives who the industry has bought. Scott Walker is only one of some State Governors industry has bought. The relationship with Scott Walker is as clear as it is because he is more radical than the people who are paying him to be radical. The analogy of a snowball rolling down hill seems appropriate. What we see happening now is the fruits of their past labors. A corrupted Supreme Court corrupted by conservatives made the Citizens United Decision, which in turn corrupts of the political system. The point of this blog post is to say that sometimes the conservative objective is difficult to interpret what the real objective is. They tell us their objective is to get rid of government sometimes with the catchy phrase such as make it so small “we can drown it in the bathtub.” By defunding educations, he relies on the drive of parents who know their children need to be educated to send them to private schools. If they cannot afford to do that, there is no alternative. Can anyone but a greedy conservative such as Scott Walker is, believe this is right? How can it be that he is bold enough to stand in front of the people in his state and tell them this? Republican governors across the nation are doing this very thing. What does this say about society? There is no such thing as a conservative teacher; it is an oxymoron. URL: Comments Invited and not moderated

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