Thursday, July 23, 2015


We are living in an age of great social shift with respect to racism. I look at the state of religion and see that Christianity has matured to a greater extent than Islam as matured. I make this judgment from the extent followers of each religion accept the dominance of civil or secular law over religion law. Both are still maturing; however, the fact that people such as Rick Santorum have supporters in his efforts to obtain a place as a presidential candidate is disturbing this trend. He clearly wants to form the equivalent of a Christian caliphate with him as the caliph equivalent. He makes this clear when he says thing like, “If elected, I will follow “God’s teaching. "Who knows what he thinks “God” taught him. In Iowa, he makes it clear he is a racist by singling our black “people” in his remark; “I don’t want to make black people’s lives better’ with taxpayer money”. He goes on to explain we can solve that by educating “them”, which happened after the Black Lives Matter movement confronted Bernie Saunders and Martin O’Malley at a campaign event that stimulated extensive discussion concerning the fact that economic status and education level among may other things are not the issue. Skin color is all that matters. Many people have racism deeply embedded in their psychic; for them, it seems intuitive. It makes no difference how rich, smart, or powerful a person is what matters is something as superficial as skin color is, it is what they base a judgment. For these people like Santorum, making a choice between two real estate agents, two doctors, or two politicians boils down to race. Freedom of choice is the same thing as making a traffic stop or a stop and frisk or entrance into college that is what happens in any situation where one person makes a subjective choice that affects another, which is the point of the entire black live matter movement. What is surprising is the high political level and open racism our elected representatives are showing. It is getting as bad nationally as it has been In North Carolina, for someone to refer to a politician, as a racist, is a vote getting exercise. I think of the speaker of the United Stares House of Representative and the President of the U.S. Senate saying they will do everything the can to make sure “Obama will be a one-term president”, they intended as a closet racist statement. The supporter of the so-called “birther” movement based what they said on the idea that a black person cannot be a legitimate citizen of the United States; he or she can live here, but they cannot be part of the country. Of note, is that this is entirely Republican rhetoric, and more significant is the national party is not repudiating what they are saying. Contrary to what most people would think, for me, this represents a good shift in our culture. Racism has always been with us, but we are isolating it into a smaller faction and smaller faction of the conservative population. Like a mad dog, once it is completely isolated or cornered, it will be easier to catch “it” and kill “it”. We know who should not get our vote. Put it this way, we liberals are sure to win—it will take time. URL: Comments Invited and not moderated

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