Friday, July 24, 2015


It sounds trite, naive, and frivolous and even foolish because it is. The true is simple; every instance of gun violence involved a gun. I listen to CNN this morning, and the both talking heads were right wing types. One of them was an ex-Reagan advisor and the other was a support of Jeb Bush. Both followed the old trope, the hand that holds the gun, and not the gun, is where the problem is, which is true; the gun hurts or kills no one, but it is also true that a person with a gun does. Background checks would help but will detect only a small fraction of people who will use a gun in committing violence. I would ask people to think about road rage as an example. The point I want to make is not that a gun is or is not involved but the fact that a person’s demeanor changes from perfectly normal to a mad rage in second. As another example, think of a perfectly normal young person discovers the love of his or her life no longer loves him or her. Can anyone tell me where the problem is? For a third example, a two-year-old child finds a gun under a pillow and shoots his or her brother, sister, or parent. Isn’t it true that the obvious problem is gun availability. Road rage with our without a gun in the glove compartment, or suicidal tendency with a gun being available versus the same tendency without a gun being available will have a different outcome. If you present a law to our Congress to restrict gun ownership, what would you expect to happen? Congress would repeal it. After they vote, what do you think the vote tally would be among Democrats versus among Republicans? It is clear every Republican in that chamber would vote against it along with a few Democrats. What is also clear that the Republicans would claim Congress defeated the motion with a bipartisan vote. If a flock of geese fly over heading south and there is one duck in the flock, don’t we still say the geese are flying south? Clearly, the problem with guns in our country is in the hands of a few Republicans driven by greed and a large number of simple-minded voters who cannot see beyond same-sex marriage, abortion, are racists, or public education, tax cuts, or the right to own a gun. The current rage, we need guns to protect us from Muslims, who are standing on every corner ready to behead us. OMG they cannot even understand that guns cause gun violence. Clear and simple, to solve the problem of gun violence in our country we must elect Democrats. Why is this so difficult to do? The problem is multifaceted starting with the Republican corruption of our supreme court as manifested by the Citizen United Decision. Republicans are a clear minority in the country but have been able to corrupt democracy by redistricting and changing election laws where they have bought their way to power. North Carolina is a classic and tragic example. The gerrymandering is so ridiculous it is a joke. However, it is a joke with tragic results, as you can tell from the guns violence. A few people who manufacture guns control our congress—how dare you call it the people Congress? URL: Comments Invited and not moderated

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