Wednesday, July 8, 2015


Joe Scarborough says Hillary Clinton cannot be trusted which means we can be trusted. Let me attempt to explain the rightwing political logic. People often say it takes two people to make a lie significant; one to tell the lie and one to believe it. After a long hiatus, I watched Morning Joe this morning. He is just as arrogant and disgusting as before. Among other things, he was trying to sell the idea that we can not trust Hillary Clinton; he supported his claim saying polls indicate that people in the people in the United States do not trust her. The polls show that the “campaign of hate” he and his well-funded fellow Republican operatives are promoting is effective. What he is doing with the trust of Hillary Clinton reminds me of what Ed Schultz does on the Ed Show, also on MSNBC. Talking head Schultz gets in front of the camera and raves at length and emotionally about how bad what he has been condemning is or how good something he has been praising is. At the end of his rant, he asks the listeners to respond is such and such good or bad. He most often receives a response in that falls in the range of 80 and 90 percent in agreement with his position. I should add Schultz is asking for “honest opinions” of an audience with a strong liberal bias. Why does money matter in politics? Of course, public pronouncement as are made to sway opinion but I think it matters more if you want people to believe your lies. For example, I could not believe the people in that state did not recall Scott Walker as governor of Wisconsin. Every worker, including union members, in that state, knew he was destroying unions. After the election, I heard an interview with one such voter who said he supported Walker because the election was unfair to Walker. To me, the unlimited money Koch brothers dumped into the elections convinced people the issue was not about unions but about being fair in politics. Everyone knows politics is crooked because of huge illegal money donations, so the support of Scott Walker was a blow against dirty politics and had nothing to do with destroying unions. You have watched one too many football games “without a helmet” if that makes sense to you. If you think Hillary cannot be trusted, you have watched one too many FOX news programs. The right wing logic is simple. We do not know everything she has ever said, even in private conversation. Therefore, you are to assume she was lying because the right-wing media, just as Ed Schultz does, has just gone through a long rant about how everything she says is a lie. If “we” don’t know what she said it must have been a lie. I don’t have to mention political operatives use the word the “we” as an editorial “we”, which means all of us in the United States have no choice but to believe we “can not trust her”. URL: Comments Invited and not moderated

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